Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Worst Christmas Issue I Have Ever Read

Hands down, the award would have to go to the Nov./Dec. issue of Midwest Living.

As soon as I removed it from the plastic, I thought what a dull cover it was for a holiday issue. If their goal was to match the boring cover with their content, they did one fine job.

This is about it for decking the halls in seasonal splendor. They call it "Easy Decor Ideas with Felt."

In my humble opinion, it is one sad issue. Has anyone else read it?

Since there was nothing worth reading in my magazine, I did a little surfing and I found these candlesticks that were auctioned off in the past year. I own a set that is quite similar to the Vaseline (yellow) ones below. You may remember seeing them in the cloche post.

It's always fun to find that something you have is more valuable than you thought.

No, Mother, you cannot have them back! :)


  1. Zoey,

    Even though I live in Atlanta I get Midwest Living. I will have to take a look, I haven't pulled it out of the plastic yet. It doesn't look promising though.

  2. Sally, Please let me know what you think of it. I will be interested to see if it's just me that finds it lacking.

  3. Since you got it in the mail, that was definitely the risk you had to take, but come on-there are tons of Christmas ideas to be found!
    I have been thumbing through a few Xmas issues and only like a couple of them myself.
    I had to laugh at your comment about me going to bed when you get up. Sometimes I have insomnia, but I am in bed. I try to go to bed between 12 and 1 and get up around 9. I know, that is totally ridiculous to you! I am a night owl, always have been. I'd have to work at night (which I mainly did during college).

  4. Zoey:

    I will have a peek at it tonight. Thursday evenings are for "fun" in my life. I am going to tear the plastic off that baby and have a peek. :0)


  5. Di, I am not doubting there are tons of ideas out there -- just not any in that issue!

    Live it up, Sally! Ha ha.

  6. Zoey, looks like they are trying to compete with the Martha Stewart Empire.

    Cover, layout, etc... all very familiar.

    When everything begins to look like everything else (and all those Martha books look the same on the shelf) we are living in a boring world.


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