Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful, But my Tree is so Delightful

Well, maybe not quite yet!

It looks like I had a few too many cocktails before I took this picture, doesn't it?

At this point I stepped back and thought what a splendid mess it was! Oh, how will I ever make this thing look decent?

I never really have it all planned it out. I just bring up boxes and as I open each one, I grab stuff to put on the tree. At this point I was planning on a bronze, gold and white color scheme.

But what would I do with these gorgeous aqua tear drops I bought two weeks ago?
When I bought them I had a general plan to use them on top of the entertainment center trees, but I really, really wanted them in front of a window to reflect the light.
So I stuck one on and thought, oh, my, 32 of these sparkling in the sunlight would be beautiful. I decided right then and there to change the color scheme to aqua and white with just a touch of gold.

Luckily I found this big spool of 25 yards of old ribbon in the basement.
It's so old it's not even wired. I decided to give it a try to introduce more of the aqua color.

I started where most people end -- I made a big bow and plopped it on the top. Well, truth be told, it was not quite that easy. I had to climb that ladder, then bend and stretch until I nearly fell off the darn thing to twist the bow on the top. I climbed down, took a look and thought, yes! That's exactly what I need! So I climbed back up a few more times to add three long aqua streamers. Three hours later it was complete.

I am sure I will still be doing some tweaking. I also need to find something to use for a tree skirt. Last year I bought some bronze fabric, but since I ditched the bronze color scheme, I need to think of any alternate plan.

I think the tree sort of matches these glasses that I just ordered.


  1. Zoey, whenever you have a yard sale to downsize, people will come for miles! Do you have a garage to store all the dishes and glass ware? I'll bet you have it all organized by alphabet too! :-)
    Seriously, I only wish I had your skills.

  2. I'm so glad you told me about your main blog as well. I'm in awe of everything you do. :-)Gayle

  3. Wow to the tree and to the new glasses..all gorgeous, Zoey!
    Happy decorating!

  4. LOL, Giddy. No, they are not stored in the garage. I have one of those garages that has only the car and very few other things in it.

    In my kitchen I have an 8ft wall of floor to ceiling cupboards (something like 2.5 feet deep)where I store most of them. I have to admit that I have overflowed those and do have a box or two in the basement. Now the basement is not clean like the garage. It's stuffed full and not very neatly. :)

    Sparkle jars, I'd call you Gayle, but I just love to say sparkle jars! :) Thanks for stopping by. This blog is pretty full as I've had it for 4 years.

    Thank you. Did you get your tree up last weekend?

  5. You really outdid yourself with your tree! It's gorgeous!! I love aqua, did you know?
    Not sure when I'll get ours up as I still have to get through November with Thanksgiving and a wedding.


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