Monday, November 3, 2008

Got Some Leftover Mashed Potatoes?

Saturday I made pork chops in mushroom sauce and I made mashed potatoes.

I don't often make mashed potatoes. But when I do I like to make extra so that I have leftovers.

About twice a year I make Cheeseburger Vegetable Pie. I never make it exactly the same. It's one of those recipes that you can easily change.

In fact I don't even have a recipe.

I just mix burger, onions, celery,garlic, salt & pepper and spread it in a deep dish pie plate, like this Bake it at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. (I used ground Chuck and it really shrinks, so be aware of that.) Then add some cheddar cheese and then a thin layer of mashed potatoes (I threw a few chives in since I still have some growing on the deck.)While the burger was cooking, I shredded 3 carrots and nuked them for 3 minutes, then I put them on top of the potatoes You will notice that in the back I have one with green beans that were left over from dinner last night. The last two steps are to add another layer of mashed potatoes and then top it off with some sliced cheese (Since I am showing all of cyberspace, I made a decorative pattern).
Bake for about 30 minutes or until heated through.
Yum! It was a good Sunday night dinner.

Pie #2 went into the freezer so we can enjoy it all over again next month.

It will be nice to have it all ready during the Christmas rush.

At the same time I was cooking the pie, I made a huge pot of Beefy Bean Soup.
Aren't these beans colorful? There are 15 different beans.

I hope it's good because I made a huge pot of soup. We will have it tonight.


  1. Both recipes look great Zoey. I too make cheeseburger pie with leftover mashed potatoes and throw on leftover veggies, beans, or whatever I have. Then put shredded cheddar on top and it truly is delicious! Haven't made this in awhile but now I'm thinking on it!
    Those beans sure are colorful..I'm sure the soup is good!
    I baked multigrain bread..should trade you for soup!! hehe

  2. Mmmm, I'm coming to your house to eat dinner. What time should I come?

  3. When I first was allowed to do some serious cooking, I made a meatloaf with a mashed potato topping similar to this (from a Betty Crocker kids cookbook). My brothers loved it. Yours looks so much fancier and I like your cheesy decorations. Barley soup sounds good for this time of year too.

    I have a question-when you got married for the second time, what kind of wedding gifts did you get? Bri's cousin is getting remarried and I have no idea what to get. We aren't that close to him, but thought it would be nice to attend the wedding. My mom said a nice vase would work. ; )

  4. Great ideas. Now that my son has left for college, we have leftovers! I'll be sure and keep this idea in my files. Love the "Zoey" touch with the cheese.


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