Friday, November 14, 2008

Disregard the Broken Modem Post Below

After spending a good hour earlier in the day talking to my DSL provider, crawling on the floor to hook this into that and all sorts of other things they had me doing, they determined that there was a problem in the line and they needed to send a tech out on Monday.

Oh no!

Sheer Panic!

A tech has to come into my computer/sewing room! I spent three hours hauling box after box of fabric down to the basement, I vacuumed, & I cleaned the closet shelves so I could put all of my quilting books up there.

At 7:00 p.m. I finally stopped for a break. I sat at the computer and began doing a little clean up of files. Then I thought I would delete all of my temporary internet files. I deleted passwords and everything.

Voila! I looked down and my DSL light was no longer flashing. I seem to have fixed it myself. Perhaps it's a mere coincidence, but I am choosing to take all of the credit and thought I deserved a nice glass of White Zinfandel to celebrate.

Remember that fabric I bought a few weeks ago that I was wondering what I would do with? No? Does this jog your memory?

I have been working all week on turning it into valances for two large windows in my family room.

These are not really crooked. They are just stuck up there to give me an idea of what they will look like.

Here is the second window. I have two of those Burgundy chairs. The second one is just out of the camera on the right.
I am liking the valances. Now I have to make 8 more panels for the kitchen windows because the kitchen and family room are one big space. I think I am going to luck out and have just enough fabric for all 4 of the windows. How often does that happen? I am totally thrilled that I don't have to think up something else that would work for the kitchen.

I knew that I needed that fabric. I just didn't know at the time it would be for valances.
I love when everything just seems to work out. . . the DSL and now the fabric for the valances...perhaps I should buy one of the multi -million dollar lottery tickets this weekend.


  1. Zoey,
    you can fix anything...and make somethin' outta nothin'!!!

  2. Woohoo, computer wizard! You should take the credit. And how great is it that you got a nice clean room for your troubles.

    Love the valances. You are certainly a wizard at coming up with great sewing ideas.

  3. Whew! Hope that stays working. I usually do a complete scan of the computer to see if I have any spyware. I'm just waiting for this modem to bite the dust as it's on so much.
    Your valances look great with your chairs! That's why you had to get the fabric.

  4. Well aren't you clever for fixing your computer. I sure hope it is a lasting fix. I love the valances! Great use of that fabric. Everything is fixed and you have a clean computer/sewing room! Can't beat that! Jean


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