Monday, November 10, 2008

Pumpkin Plates, Halloween M&M's and Folger's Labels

Earlier in October I was looking at these pumpkin plates at Wally's World. Though I really liked them, I am out of room for dishes, so I passed them up.

Sunday they were in the mark down aisle. You all know how I love that aisle! I brought them home right in the box. It will be great storage so they don't scratch (that great idea came from DH. I was planning to buy 6, but he suggested I buy 8 in case of breakage. So I listened to I always do.

Now they are mine. I don't know where I will put them, but don't you think a piece of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving would look wonderful on these?

I didn't know that M&M's came in Halloween colors. Aren't these colors wonderful?
They were also marked down when DH was in the grocery store, so he bought a bag and I made cookies with them. Unfortunately all the nice color is hidden by the batter.

I have shown you how I like to use plastic Folger's cans to freeze soup, cookies, etc.

While browing the web early this morning I found that Folger's own site has templates for decorative labels for their cans.

Create a Folgers Holiday Gift Container
Just click the Folger's can to go there. I guess if you were planning to fill some of the cans with cookies or other items to give out during the holiday season, it would be cute to have a nice label.


  1. Those are pretty pumpkin plates Zoey and you got them at a bargain too. Good thinking on your hubby's extra!
    pretty M&M's..perfect for cookies.
    Wow nice labels for those coffee cans..must I now change to Folger's coffee?? hehe

  2. I love when something you like goes on sale! They will be cute at Thanksgiving.
    As for the M&Ms-after you drop the dough on the cookie sheet, add a few to the top and they won't bake into the dough. I am getting more in the mood to make cookies than good shopping. I don't know what to get anyone with money being tight.

  3. That's going shopping and yes it's late here.

  4. Betty, is there any other kind? hee hee. I do love Folgers.

    Di, I must get up at about the time you go to bed!

  5. those are adorable, i love them!

  6. Hi! It's a good day because I've been away for a while and have lots of catching up to do on your blog. I love multiple posts. How many Folger's containers have I recycled.....ugh!

  7. I went to the Folger's website and they no longer have the labels there! I have tons of cans I was hoping to decorate. Do you happen to have the template for the labels?? I really would appreciate it if you did!

  8. I went to and requested that they either send the template to me or post it on their site again. Hopefully it will happen! I've saved all of these Folger cans for a purpose!


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