Saturday, November 29, 2008

Out with the Bronze

That bronze color is just not working for me.

I called DH from work yesterday and asked him to remove the ornaments from one of the trees and throw that tree in the garbage. Yes, he was a little shocked with my request.

But look what a fine job he did. Everything is on the dining room table in neat rows. You 'gotta love a man who will take a tree down like that.

While I was decorating it the limbs kept falling off. I decided I had no desire to work more with it to make it look decent. The poor old thing has held up tons of ornaments for years. Finally it gets to rest in peace. We had a moment of silence as it was tossed on the big garbage truck at 4:15 p.m. Friday.
(It was garbage day so that is why the urgency to have him get it done. I didn't want it sitting around the garage for another week)

Now I am left with only one bronze tree and I don't like it either. I love the bronze color, but it clashes too much with the pink living room. So today I will remove all of it and start fresh with a pink/gold palette.

I loved the 5:00 a.m shopping yesterday. I normally hate to shop, but there was a certain camaraderie as 30 of us (I was #20) stood in the dark outside Joanne Fabric waiting for the doors to open. Just before they opened those doors, I looked at everyone and said, "Now let us all remember that sewers are friendly people." We all chuckled, then dashed through the doors toward our chosen items. Lucky for me nobody wanted a Rowenta iron. There were only 4 of them and I got one. Just about everyone else was racing toward the fleece fabric sale. I wanted to buy the 7ft skinny tree they had as one of their door busters...just $29.99. I couldn't find it. When I asked about it, they didn't have any! She said they may get some in later, but not at that price. I do believe that is against the advertising laws, but I had no time for hassles since I had to get to work. So I have no replacement for the tree I threw away.

I also bought these beauties at JC Penney for 20% less than 1/2 price.

Whoo hooo, I love a bargain. I will be slipping into these in just a few minutes because I have to go into work for an hour or so. I hope they are comfortable. I have similar boots, but this heel looks slightly higher.
I have tons of decorating to do today so I'd better to get work so I can get home and begin.


  1. Good morning dear Zoey:-)

    I'm finally taking the time to catch's been a busy last few days so haven't had much time for the computer. I haven't even posted since Thursday! lol

    Wow, your hubby sure is neat when he takes down decorations...usually a man will just throw them all in a pile. What a shame you had to throw out that tree but as you say, once it starts to be a frustrating job trying to get the branches to stay on, it's time for it's demise. I love the bronze ornaments but I agree, they would clash with the pink. Gold and pink will be beautiful!!

    I heard about the Black Friday sales Americans have the day after Thanksgiving...sounds a lot like our Boxing Day sales the day after Christmas. Everything is 50% to 75% off. Love the boots you got, they're the same style I have:-) xoxo

  2. HI Pea,
    I visited you yesterday and noticed you didn't post. I guessed you were decorating. I will be over later to see what you did.
    I think Black Friday is probably like Boxing Day. Although we do have the day after Christmas sales where the leftover holiday items are heavily discounted. I like a good bargain anytime I can get one!

  3. More power to you! Your boots are cute.
    I'd hold on to that ad about the tree you wanted and tell them you were there at the crack of dawn to get one and it wasn't there. False advertising. They should have looked at other stores for you.
    I'm so tired I read 'sewers' as where the toidy waters go and not people that sew-lol. : ) Darn English language.
    I like the sales the day after Christmas too.


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