Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bad Buy & Possible Hors d'oeuvre

A couple of weeks ago I was flipping thru channels and saw a Sealy Posturpedic mattress cover similar to this one on Q V C. I recently bought a new mattress set and thought this would be a nice comfy cover. I thought the $100 (which included S/H) price tag was reasonable for a King bed.

Oh my, what a mistake it was! The pad was at least 6 inches high and throughout the presentation the sellers carried on about the fine quality and how you would not be able to feel the ups/downs because of the equalization of pressure caused by the sewing around each square.

They lied.

Worst of all, when I made the bed, it looked all lumpy, even after I put the top quilt over the two sheets.

So I packed the thing back up and had the box hauled off to UPS. QVC had a couple of return labels in the box and I stuck them on. They charged approx. $15 S/H to send it to me.

You will never believe what UPS charged to send it back....


What? Get Out of Here! I couldn't believe it and told them so. Lucky for me the UPS lady was a frequent shopper at a different TV site and told me I should call QVC because her TV channel sent labels that reduced the price.

I immediately called QVC. Sure enough they had a label they could email me that would reduce the shipping to $8.95. That I can live with. The lady I talked with was very nice and promptly sent me the label.

But my question is why wasn't this label already in the box? I asked the QVC lady if perhaps I had overlooked it. No, she said it was not there. How the heck was I to know it was even available? Geez, I think this will be my last QVC purchase. Many years ago I bought things from them, but I believe the needed label was included when they sent the item. I never returned much, so I can't be certain.

So let's move on to more important things.

Sunday we have our annual Labor Day cookout at my Brother-in-law's home. I have to think of something to bring. I am thinking along the lines of a BLT hors d'oeuvre. Since I am alone tonight, I decided to test my thought with the produce I had sitting on the counter.

I sliced a little cherry tomato.

I toasted two slices of bread and cut out little stars (I am still in the patriotic mood). I didn't have any bacon, but I had one cuke to use up, so I used that instead. I layered the lettuce, tomato & cuke on top of a mayo smeared star. Then I smeared a tad of mayo on the top star. I went out to the deck and grabbed a basil leaf and some chives, which I chopped up to garnish the top.
Not bad. They are pretty small and I wonder if perhaps I should use the next size up (I have a full set of different sized stars). I also think I might want to insert a pick so they will be easier to pick up.

I don't like the look of the naked pick. Maybe I should put the bacon on the pick??? One basil leaf and the bacon on the top?? Hmmm, that just popped into my head as I am writing this. I think a small piece of bacon twisted on the pick is just what it needs! .

I am planning to use three different breads for different colors. What do you think? Would a mini BLT appeal to you?


  1. Gee, that's awful about the QVC shipping thing. You know the headquarters is done the pike from me-about 20 or so minutes away. I've even been there. We have the outlet stores close by too. It use to be fun shopping in them and now it's a load of junk everytime I go to one. I hardly ever find anything worth buying in either one that are near us. Bri's late mom was a QVC junky and I got so much of their stuff over the years. I use to buy off the tv too.
    Cute ideas for finger sandwiches. Definitely you need bacon! ; )
    My family loves the bacon wrapped shrimp for finger food.

  2. Great idea on the mini blt. I'll bet there will be lots of great food at your picnic.

  3. Hi Zoey,
    I've been digging around my old garden, transplanting some flowers to my new garden. Was wondering if you wanted some canna and crocosmia bulbs? You can search or click on my gardening updates tab for photos from previous years. The cannas have reddish brown leaves with red flowers. The crocosmia are bright orange. I can cut off the tops and send you the bulbs. Email me your address if you're interested.


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