Sunday, August 3, 2008

36 feet of binding is now ready for the final step

Late this afternoon I decided to tackle the binding for the monster quilt. Trying to wrestle this nearly 9-ft. square quilt around the sewing machine is not fun. I will be happy to get back to the hand sewing. I set up an ironing board to the left of the machine to help distribute the weight.

Once all the binding was machine sewn on, I trimmed all the excess batting and backing and pinned one edge of the binding to the back.

Now it's ready to begin hand sewing all 36 feet on the back side.
I will save that for another time. At first I wasn't sure about the binding pattern, but now that it's on, I think it will work just fine.

The big orange dahlia bud has fully opened. Each day it gets a bit more yellow in it's center.

Have you discovered V8 Fusion? It's a combination of vegetable and fruit juice. This bananna strawberry flavor even has beets in it.

It' delicious!


  1. Haven't tried V8 Fusion..sure looks good though!
    Hey Zoey, I was wondering when we'd see a quilt again, you actually do have time for quilting in summer??
    Gorgeous dahlia!

  2. Not much time, Betty.

    When I get a little time, I have been finishing projects I made during the winter. Last week I finished one of my Halloween runners.

  3. More power to you! That's a big project. : ) It looks really lovely too.
    Sean likes the V8 Fusion the best. I stick to mostly green tea and regular iced tea.

  4. I do hope you have a walking foot to sew that binding on~~~~~

  5. I love your gardening pictures as always.

    I was wondering if you would consider doing a guest post for my blog A Day in the Life Of.

    Something along the lines of sharing some of the awesome pictures of your beautiful gardesn along with some tips for begining gardeners. I guess it wouldn't hurt to throw in a warning or two especially regarding Sedums. We wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea after reading the latest issue of Backyard Gardening.

    This is not a paid oportunity just a friend asking a friend to share soem of the beauty that I enjoy at your blog with my readers. How's about it. Let me know. I'll understand if you decline and I won't stop visiting Perennial Passion. I promise.

  6. It's been raining just about every day up here, so I've been knitting, which I rarely do in the summer months. My poor garden is in desperate need of deadheading! Your quilt is beautiful.

  7. Hi Zoey,
    Got your email about the books. I can't seem to send any email back tonight, but what you said is fine. Thought I'd ask you first before I bid them good bye.
    Take care.

  8. That looks like one giant (and beautiful) quilt! :) I'm loving all of your garden photos, even though I don't comment on each post. With every gorgeous snapshot you inspire me to dig up my garden and move things all around! :)

  9. What a beautiful quilt.

    I found your blog by googling Michigan gardeners. I live outside of GR. My garden is not a frequent topic on my blog, but it should be.

    Good luck with your foxgloves. Isn't it funny how we always have some flower that's beyond our grasp. I have had success with foxgloves, but have never gotten dahlias planted, though every year I say I will. Same thing with allium. I was admiring/envying your drumstick allium. Your gardens are really beautiful and I like how you seem to really enjoy the entire experience.


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