Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So Much to Do in the Garden This Week

This little garden area goes through at least four different periods of bloom. First tulips, then Asiatic lilies, now this purple phlox, and soon Sedum Autumn Joy.
I consider this tiny area a good planting scheme because of its successful blooming phases. There is something of interest from spring to fall. It's about the only area that looks nice right now.

The rest of the gardens are in need of a very thorough deadheading. Just two feet from the area above, I have these Shastas ready to deadhead.
Shastas are a big mess when they die and I have a ton of them that all die at the same time.

Here is another area with Shastas beyond their prime.
It's in the woodland garden so I am tempted to leave those pretty Queen Anne's Lace that popped out in the front. Queen Anne's Lace is another of those incredibly invasive wildflowers that I have spent years trying to get rid of from the main gardens. Although it's pretty it will take over quickly. I have dug hundred from the other gardens. I should probably reconsider letting these live.

Here is another villain dressed in a pretty gown.

She is tall, graceful, lovely and the second most invasive plant I have ever had the displeasure to tackle (next to sedum 'coral carpet'). After three years, I have been pretty successful eradicating these. I still get a dozen or so popping up in different areas, but that is nothing compared to the hundreds I had. I will be digging this one out this weekend.

The Big Kahuna is on vacation this week, so I have to go into work on both Sat. and Sunday for a couple of hours. I am on vacation next week, but I also have to work all day on Monday since the Big K is gone then, too. It kind of ruins your vacation when you have to work the first three days of it! Oh, well, such is life.


  1. Just yesterday, I cut back two full wheelbarrows of Shasta Daisies. I think I'm going to dig up at least two of my clumps and relegate them to the compost pile.

    What is the purple flower that is so invasive? It looks like a hosta bloom.

  2. Too bad Queen Anne's Lace is so is a pretty plant! Ahh..deadheading, one of my least favorite jobs in the garden.
    Working on your vacation, you are one dedicated lady!

  3. I never seem to have enough time to weed and dead head. The shastas are a mess when they go. I hope you don't spend your whole vacation in the garden or painting the house this time! Jean

  4. I'm about ready to hire someone to do all my deadheading for me! lol Isn't it unbelievable how much time and energy it takes?! I need to reconsider some of my flowerbeds to have plants blooming no matter what season. Right now most of them bloom all at once and then nothing. My shasta daisies are really struggling...I think it's earwigs eating them. Ugh. xoxo

  5. I don't know what the purple villian dressed in a pretty gown (good expression) is either. I have tons of Queen's Anne lace, but it blooms away from my little gardens, so I don't mind.
    I too try to have things blooming at different times. That's why annuals are nice stuck here and there is you have a 'bald' spot in any of your gardens. It's a good year for marigolds!

  6. Giddy, I am sorry. I was in such a rush to post and get ready for work that I forgot to tell everyone that it's creeping bellflower.

    Betty, I can assure you that I am not all that happy about working 3 days of what should be a 9-day stretch off. It's not so much dedication as the fact that there is nobody else to do it.

    Jean, I hear you! I just got home from work and the hair stylists (highlights time), so I have been gone for 11 hours. I have no energy left to deadhead tonight. You have a good memory! This time I have already reserved 4 nights of hotel rooms, so I am not going to spend the whole time working!

    Pea, I saw that on your blog. They were really eating your Shastas. I have something eating my dahlia seems there is always some insect out to destroy our gardens!

    Dianne, you are so right about the benefit of annuals. I just can't get them to grow in my soil, so I had to give up. I really should have my soil tested. It must be awful stuff because very few plants really enjoy growing in it.


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