Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Quick Dahlia Bouquet

What am I doing out on the deck before the sun even rises?

Well, I got up at my usual early hour, had a cup of coffee, read a couple of blogs and then decided I was in the mood to make a flower bouquet to enjoy inside for the weekend. So I went out to cut some flowers.

I cut just a few because the vase I had already selected had a narrow opening. See that time? That's a.m.
Yes, even on Saturday I am an early riser. I thank my Mother for that. She has always been an early riser and she passed the love of early mornings on to me. It is my favorite time of the day.

Can you see the time on this one? It's 10 minutes later and the bouquet is finished. That's how quick it was to do. Here is the finished product sitting on the living room desk. I had only two 'Park Princess' dahlias in bloom and I used them as the focal point with two other dahlias and a handful of seed heads. Do you recognize those seed heads? Last weekend when I was out cutting down the spent daylilies, I thought the seed heads were just too cute to toss out, so I saved a big container of them to use in floral bouquets. I think they add an element of interest and it's a way to use something a second time before throwing on the compost pile.


  1. Now Zoey, if you were Amish or didn't have electricity, I would understand your love for getting up early. : )
    I'm just the opposite, have been from birth. Love the nighttime.
    Great 10 minute bouquet! You are so clever and artistic.

  2. Love your bouquet Zoey, the seed heads add a nice look!
    I was up early this morning as well capturing the beautiful sunrise on camera..yellows,reds and oranges..awesome.

  3. You have created a lovely bouquet. I have some Dahlia's that I planted this year three bulbs and the rest from seed. One is finally ready to bloom I can't wait to see the color. I hope that It will be pink.

  4. The seed heads are perfect there. Great idea!

  5. Thanks, everyone. I hope you are all having a great weekend.

  6. Yuo did a great job of creating your own flower bouquets, i do love flowers too, most especially the Dahlia's flowers, this flowers give some refreshment whenever i see that, so keep doing it!



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