Sunday, August 24, 2008

I am in the campaign spirit!

With the continuous coverage of Obama and Biden this weekend, I must have had some unconscious inspiration to finish my campaign table runner. I had no plans to do so, but I ended up spending quite a few hours working on it today.

It's done, but I am not terribly proud of my work. I am still finding it tough to machine quilt even these small items. Perhaps if the local sewing center would ever get my quilting attachments in, it would be easier. It's been over two weeks and, as I expected, I have not heard from the man. Nonetheless, I did it all by machine, even the binding.

Here is the finished product.
It looks a lot better since I added my campaign buttons. We started collecting these as a family about 20 years ago. We would go to flea markets during the summer to look for buttons. The hobby only lasted a short time, and we have not added any new ones in years. I must remember to get some for this election. We missed the last one. Drats! I wish I would have gotten a Hillary button. Maybe I will luck out and find one.

Here's a few of my older buttons:

Woodrow Wilson

William Jennings Bryan & Kern (whoever that was). They made an unsuccessful run in 1908, I believe.
I did find about an hour to get outside and tackle some of the garden work--mostly cutting down spent daisies and trimming the evergreen hedge. The weather was much nicer today.

I am watching an old Andy Griffith show as I write this.....does anyone remember the episode where Aunt Bee makes pickles? It's a classic. I 've seen it numerous times and I still laugh every time these poor guys have to eat one of the awful pickles.

Now I must go and clean up the kitchen. I didn't do much cleaning this weekend. I don't really know where all the time went. I always goes quickly.


  1. Oh, I like that Zoey!
    My daisies are done too. My garden has been more green than anything this year from all the rain and our wet grounds. Lost a lot of tomatoes and most left are still green.


  2. I think you did a fab job on the table runner! Gee, not sure if I have any campaign buttons around. I like their addition to the runner. We use to stop and get the signs after the elections (like along the road).
    I need to do what you are doing, trimming daisies, etc. back.
    I haven't seen an Andy Griffith show in ages. What station was it on? I have the Aunt Bea cookbook though. I collect some tv and movie cookbooks which are fun reads and have interesting recipes. I'll have to use them as a Show & Tell on Friday maybe. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Hi Tea, thank you. It sounds like you got more rain than you really wanted. It seems we never get the perfect garden weather, doesn't it?

    Dianne. Andy was on TVLand. Almost every night he's on at 7pm. I think your recipe books would be a neat Show & Tell post. I've seen Aunt Bee's cookbook, but I don't have it. As stange as it is, on the show she spelled her name, B-E-E, like the insect. I just learned that this year. :) How is it spelled on the cookbook?

  4. Zoey, I think the runner looks wonderful. Very nice job.

  5. You are correct-it's Bee and of course I was thinking Bea-trice.
    I was looking through the Some Like It Hot Cookbook while looking for the Bee's Mayberry Cookbook-funny-I'll have to gather them all up to share.

  6. I really like the runner, I'm thinking 4th of July, Memorial Day and lots more.

    We are having rain in Atlanta finally.

  7. Debbie, Thank you. Just don't look too closely at the machine quilting! ;)

    Dianne, I always thought it was Beatrice, too. I think it is, but for some reason they chose Bee.

    Sally, I am so glad you are finally getting some rain. You're right, there are quite a few different holidays to use it.

  8. I love the table runner, it is fabulous! Even my husband looked at the picture and said "yeah, that is cute!" Which is *huge* praise from this guy, let me tell you...

  9. You made a cool table runner, Zoey - and your campaign button collection is impressive ... all I did for the holiday was photograph red, white and blue flowers.

    It's been years since I saw the episode with Aunt Bee's pickles, but remember it being both funny and poignant. Our pickles have jalapenos in them these days - wonder what she could have done with that recipe?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  10. Hi Zoey, it seems we have a lot in common, loving Andy Griffith for starters. When reading your 'about me' it sounded so familiar - too much shade, hosta-munching deer and rabbits. I have almost given up on gardening, but it sounds like I am not alone, so maybe next spring...

    Love your campaign table runner, very patriotic! Have a good weekend!


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