Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lack of Customer Service

I am always amazed when I compare the high level of customer service we provide at the hotel with what I receive when I am on the opposite side of the counter.

I am not exaggerating when I say that at the hotel where I work, we go overboard trying to please customers. It’s really ridiculous the lengths we go. It’s very rare that I see that level of service given by businesses I deal with.

Remember the Husqvarna Sapphire sewing machine I bought last January? I bought this machine because of its quilting possibilities. In order to make use of these possibilities one must, in addition to the pricey machine, purchase the “Quilter’s Kit”, which has the sewing feet needed to machine quilt. I ordered it before I walked out of the shop on January 23, 2008. It’s a pretty expensive little kit – somewhere in the $300 range.

I don’t know the actual price because I have never received it. It is now August 6, 2008. I have called three times and talked to the store owner. I asked him specifically if he would call me when it came in. He said he would call. Yesterday I went to the shop in person to see if they had one in stock. Of course, they didn’t. The owner was not in, but the lady who sold me the machine was. She apologized and said she would leave the owner a note. I called again today. The owner won’t be back until tomorrow.

I think I have been very patient. It has been nearly seven months and I am still Quilter kitless!

I have witnessed adults throw hissy fits at our hotel counter for way less.

Just recently a lady screamed at the guest service rep until she was redfaced because she booked "last available room type" over the internet and she got a smoking room. As the name implies, there is no guarantee as to the type of room you get and a screen pops up which specifically states that smoking preference cannot be guaranteed.

The hotel had not one ounce of blame on this one and yet, this woman-- dressed in business attire--threw a tantrum like a two-year old child until we gave her a nonsmoking room. Of course, a nonsmoking room does not just magically appear. It was a room that someone else had reserved and expected to get when they arrived. I just hope someone in a nonsmoking room canceled that night so the conniving woman didn't ruin another person's day by taking their room. Ms. Businesswoman waited too long to reserve and the only rooms left were smoking, so she made the reservation knowing full well that she was not guaranteed a nonsmoking room. The sad thing is her conniving worked because we try to please them all--even those we know are flat out lying. I hope she broke one of those 2.5-inch heels on her walk down to that nonsmoking room.

It's been nearly 29 weeks and I can't even get Local Sewing Store to order a quilter's kit. Many business owners in my small town complain about losing money to internet orders. I wonder why they can't figure out what motivates us to do so...I am giving this guy two more weeks and then I, too, will be surfing for an internet source.


  1. My goodness, I think you've been more than beyond patient, waiting since January to receive your quilting kit! I'm starting to feel the same way about the repair shop I brought my air conditioner's been 4 weeks now and every day when I call it's "oh he's on holiday today" or "oh he's busy so I'll have him call you back"...he never does call back. I think I will see my air conditioner again when winter starts! lol

    I think it's awful the way some people act regarding their hotel room. I'm just so happy to get a room when I travel, I don't complain about anything! lol No doubt you'd love to strangle a few of these customers!! xoxo

  2. I wouldn't wait two weeks-get your money back! You've been patient enough. To think if you had purchased it online you could have been enjoying using it all these months. I do hate the run-around!
    That's too bad about the woman at the hotel. I've had mostly nice experiences, but one of the only 4 star places we stayed in-the Hard Rock Hotel-there must have been a dog in the room as I smelled piddle in a few places. We had unpacked and didn't want to move, but I did complain.If we had changed rooms, I would have enjoyed my vacation that much more.

  3. Oh, this is one of H's hot buttons! He used to be a corporate training director and Customer Service was his # seminar. He is known to give "feedback" to people giving less than sterling service!

  4. Pea, By the time you get that air conditioner back, you probably won't need it!

    Dianne, pets always present problems. We allow pets, too. I wish we didn't. Kennels are for pets, not hotel rooms where the person tomorrow night may have allergies.

    Giddy, Does he often find that the service is less than sterling? My feeling is that customer service is going downhill fast.


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