Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Could Just Cry

Look at this!

It's been a rainy and sometimes windy weekend. When DH went out just a few minutes ago to start the grill, this is what he found.

My recently bloomed canna has snapped off about 4 feet down.

I thought being next to the house would protect it from the wind. I guess I was wrong.

I spend almost the entire weekend inside sewing. If you want to see how the campaign table runner turned out, you can read about it on my quilting blog, Perpetually Paper Piecing. I go into more detail than you probably want to know about my thought process as I make a project. If that bores you, just scroll down to the bottom of the post and you can see what the table runner turned out to be.


  1. Oh no! I would cry too, because that's just what I would do, put it close to the house thinking it would be protected. We are having similar weather to yours. A weekend without rain would be nice for a change, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards this summer.

  2. That isn't good! What a mean joke mother nature played on you.

  3. Sorry about your Canna! I hope you can do something with it at least.

  4. What a disaster! Do you think it will keep growing and produce again?

  5. Karen,
    We needed the rain because the grass was starting to turn brown. We could have done without the wind, though!

    Laurie, Yes, it was a very, very mean joke!

    Dianne, I just threw it on the compost pile. I would have put it in a vase, but I am leaving town for a few days and wouldn't get to enjoy it.

    Jean, Yes, I think the side shoot will produce another flower. At least I hope so.


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