Friday, August 22, 2008

Remember the Whiskey Barrels that I Planted on the Cheap?

I was trying to see what I could do without spending any money, so I dug up some perennials and used some dahlia tubers and cannas that I already had stored from previous years. One Sedum Autumn Joy plant, a Black-eyed Susan and one clump of chives overwintered in the barrel from last summer's planting.

This year I added a Russina sage plant that I had in my Arbor garden for the past five years. It never grew more than about 8 inches tall and had only 2 or 3 branches. I also stuck a hosta or two in the front.

Here is what it has grown into:

I am pretty happy with it. The only real disappointment was the canna did not grow big and tall as I had planned. But just look how tall the silver Russian sage grew! It's the best that plant has ever grown.

The chives are spilling nicely over the sides. The hosta got buried underneath everything else, but next year it should be better able to hold it's own.

The Sedumn Autumn Joy from last year is HUGE.
It should be turning pink soon, which will be a major clash with that bright orange dahlia. That orange was a surprise. I thought I had planted a more mellow 'peaches and cream' dahlia in these containers. I recently did a little rearranging on the whiskey barrel area of the deck. I love to group containers--there are three containers here.

I have two of these half barrels and I tried to make the groupings very similar.

I have also been making blocks for a new project all week. Can you tell what it will be?

You can see it almost finished on my qulting blog. Just click here.


  1. You did a fab job with the whiskey barrels! They are really interesting and lush!
    And I do believe someone is getting an awesome quilted piece for their birthday. Hey, is yours in September (going by your email address?)

  2. Your containers look great! I never water mine enough and they look like it! I didn't have much luck with sage either. It looks great in the barrel. The birthday runner is a super idea! Jean

  3. Hi Di, No, Sept. is not my birthday. Clever thinking, though, about the email address! I'm a Sagitarian.

    Jean, My containers definately like to be watered. They get watered every day...rarely miss a day. I had my Mom come over to water them every day when I was gone. I also use a lot of Miracle grow early in the season. I always see gardens with Russian sage that is 5 ft tall and 3 ft. wide....I wonder how they do it? I am going to leave mine right in the barrel over the winter since it seems to like it there.

  4. Now that you mention it, I do remember you saying you are a Saggitarian . ; )
    I gave you an award in my post for the 21st. It's kind cute and I do love your blog! : )


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