Saturday, August 9, 2008

One Week Later

As you can see I forgot about the bouquet I made last weekend. I put it in the living room and then did not go in that room again. Poor thing thirsted to death.

It looks like I put some sort of filter on this photo, but it's just as it came from the camera. I really think the yellow dahlias look pretty interesting just like they are. A few more filler flowers and I would have a nice dried bouquet. I doubt if the colors will stay like that, but I will save it for a while just to see.

It's raining today, so I have been playing around with some new quilt blocks. I bet you would never guess from these pattern pieces, what the block turned out to be.
He's the Democratic donkey. I love this guy! He finishes at 6 inches square.

I got the pattern from a very generous web site:
This lady offers many free patterns as well as patterns that are for sale.

Of course, we can't have the democratic donkey without the republican elephant.

I wish I had used a different fabric for the neck scarf. Too late now.

I decided to use the finished squares as the center in a patriotic block.
I guess the elephant looks O.K. in the finished 18" block.

I am planning to turn these into a table runner. I will use it during campaign week.

It sure feels good to be back at the sewing machine! I cleaned up the sewing room in June (when we cleaned the carpets) and have not been sewing since. I took all the fabric down to the basement, which means it's such a chore to find fabric that I don't bother sewing at all. Now my room is getting back to a "creative" mess, which is exactly what I need to be able to sew whenever the mood strikes.

I may work a bit more on this tonight. I need to put the donkey into a star and then design a center block and two end blocks. Then it will just need to be quilted. I will throw it on the pile with the pumpkin table runner that also needs to be quilted.

I called the Sewing Machine Store owner yesterday. He said the Husqvarna no longer makes the quilter's kit for the Sapphire. Wonderful. He says he is going to call some other dealers to see if they have one of the kits. I won't be holding my breath for him to call me back.


  1. Well look at that, a donkey and an elephant quilt block! That is so awesome and I love your idea of making a table runner out of them. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you amaze me with your quilting talent:-)

    What a shame you can't get the quilter's kit. I finally heard from the guy who has my air conditioner...after 4 weeks he tells me that it's not repairable but since it's still under warranty, I'll be getting a brand new one. Didn't tell me when though! lol xoxo

  2. What happy looking critters! Gee, never thought to decorate for the election-not that I'm really excited about it. You got them sewn together quickly-great job.
    I finally have my craft table where I want it, but all my craft stuff needs to be sorted and I made messes in a few areas. I always have something to clean up.

  3. How cute is this?
    Hey Zoey, have you ever mentioned before if you prewash your fabrics before quilting with them?

  4. I saw those patterns and wondered what I culd do with them. I should have know you could make something cute out of them!
    I like the scarf on the elephant,it almost looks like stars.
    Have a great week!

  5. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for the nice comments.

    Dianne, yes, I do prewash my fabric. I usually wash it when I buy it and then it's all ready for whenever I need it. A lot of people never prewash, but I like to see if the fabric is colorfast.


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