Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Spring is in the Air

The past few days have been very sunny and somewhat warm (in the 30's). The snow is beginning to melt and people are talking of spring. In about another 4 weeks I should be able to get outside and start my spring clean-up chores.

I have mixed emotions about that. Right now I am really into the quilting and I know once spring is here, I won't have time to quilt.

I have spent the last few days working on another border for the Star Log Cabin quilt. See this little 16-piece, 5.25 inch block?

This is what it looks when you put four of them together:

I really like the spikeness of this one. I am thinking of using it for a border on the log cabin. It is made from the same fabrics that are in the main quilt. I have determined that I would need 256 of the 5-inch blocks. Yes, you read correctly --- 256 of them! Each one takes me 15-minutes to make. It will take months for me to get them done.

So far I have made 16 of them. I layed them out a few minutes ago with the quilt to see what it would look like. I think I still need to make more to decide if I like it enough to spend that much time making them. Any thoughts on whether I should continue on with this one?


  1. Nice for you to take a quilting break to show us your lovely squares! I really like the spikey ones too. How about some squares with more areas of solid colors to break up all the shapes? You know more than me though.

  2. Hi Dianne,
    I think I will be putting a solid border before adding this one. I should have mentioned this in the post. The spikes will be the part that overhangs the sides of the bed.

  3. I love the pieced border, it looks fantastic and unique, but wow, that's a lot of effort for a border.

  4. How wide a border will you put between the top and the spiked border? Will you bind the spiked border? I guess you have to finish it somehow, although perhaps it won't have any wadding in it, and perhaps you will just hem it? I think the red fabric would be good for both the border and the binding - as it would highlight the small amount of red in the logcabin top and 'tie' in the spiked border as well.

    That's just a thought from someone who has never made a quilt anyway. You do a great job, Zoey, and I love looking at your photos.

    I'm glad Spring is on the way for you. It won't be long and I'll be able to get all envious again about your beautiful porch, pot plants and garden. Love it.

  5. Amanda, thank you for stopping by.

    Alice, For someone who has never made a quilt you have a good eye - or least you think the same as I -the red cherry fabric is exactly what I am planning to use! I am not sure yet if I will do the border between them. I layed out a large border of the red and did not like it. I will just keep plodding along and if I ever get all 256 of those little buggers done, I will decide.

  6. That's very beautiful and a lot of work too.

  7. Thank you Janice for stopping by (and for the compliment also).

  8. Hi Brit,
    How are you and Little Stitch doing? Hope all is going well. I will have to check out your blog this afternoon.


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