Sunday, March 19, 2006

Flower Frogs

If you're saying, "Flower what?"
Don't feel bad. A lot of people have never heard of flower frogs.

There are many kinds. The ones I have are glass with holes all over.

If you are trying to make a simple floral arrangement and it looks similar to this

then you could benefit from a flower frog.

They are used to hold flowers upright in a vase.

Just put the frog into a vase

And stick a floral stem in each hole

Fill with water

And you have a vase of flowers that stand upright

They are truly a handy tool for floral arranging.


  1. Hi Zoey,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am originally from MI, went to HS in Detroit many moons ago.

    Nice blog you have there, I'll be back!

  2. Why don't I have one of those? I'm going to get me one! What a handy dandy tip. Thanks Zoey. The flowers looks lovely.

  3. Thanks, Qfitzy. What a small world. Did you decide to leave that border on your quilt?

    Kerri, it would work great with those beautiful coneflowers you have!

  4. I also like the kind that look like a hedgehog - a small forest of spines that you pierce the stems with. Works with any sized flower.

    I need to find the glass kind, that one I don't have.

  5. Frogging in cross stitching means to 'rip-it' out-LOL
    Some people (probably Martha Stewart) collect these.

  6. My Mom bought me a beautiful one that sits on a little silver bowl. It looks so sweet covered with tiny flowers. I thought it was a candle holder at first.

  7. Jenn,
    I've seen those hedgehog ones, but don't own one. Maybe one of these days.......

    Dianne, I think Martha does collect these. It seems I have seen her talking about them on one of her shows.

    Sabine, The tiny one on a silver bowl sounds like it would make a very cute little bouquet. You will have to make one this summer and show us!


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