Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ah, Spring Fever

To celebrate, I changed my bed quilt. I made this bow tie a few years ago. It feels like spring to me.

I even quilted tulips in one of its borders.

I will probably freeze to death tonight now that I have removed the incredibly heavy denim quilt. Just in case, I put two other quilts on a rack near the bed so they are easy to grab if needed.

Warm sunshine radiating through the windows also inspired me to move the furniture in the family room. Like most people with smaller homes, I really can't rearrange too much. Basically I switch the position of a large sofa and two side chairs to open the entrance to the deck. I call that my summer arrangement.

Now that I can get to the sliding doors, I may go out and wash the windows. . . or maybe not...I may just sit here and read some blogs.

It is over 50 degrees here today. I took a walk outside to see what the gardens are up to.

I am seeing spring flowers beginning to appear on many blogs.

In my part of the world it still looks like this:

Actually it is not really that bad. The area you see is where DH pulls snow off the roof and blows all the snow away from the house foundation. In many areas we can see bare ground.

I even saw some little heads of sedum autumn joy poking through their winter bed.

There is hope...

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