Wednesday, March 15, 2006

1st Garden Pictures of 2006

What do you see?

I see a TON of work! Oh my!
A small bit of the wall was knocked down. DH will fix that. The rest of the mess will fall upon my shoulders.

There are branches all over the place.

And so much dead stuff to cut down. I felt like I did a lot in the fall, but it doesn't seem like it as I walk around.

I had better start doing stretching exercises to get in shape.

Right now it looks overwhelming, but once I get into it, I am sure the "passion" will return and I will enjoy it as I do every year.

Right at the moment, though, I am not all that eager to start. I need some sunny days to get in the mood!


  1. Yes, I can relate! Our side yard looks like twigland too. And the leaves-always '16 tons' to rake up in the spring.
    The bright spot-I see my gigantic tulips poking up. No allium yet. I think you planted some too? Maybe they will make an appearance next month?

  2. I remember those big red tulips, Dianne.That will be exciting to see them. Yes, I planted the allium. I don't think mine is up yet--still a bit early here.

  3. I feel exactly the same Zoey...I need those sunny days to get me out there. Our yard does look like yours! I'm so looking forward to a green lawn and some pretty spring flowers.


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