Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The next Food TV star

Is anyone watching The Next FoodTV Star?

I saw two episodes Sunday night.

I am predicting that Guy will win (his name is Guy).

After just two episodes I think he stands way out in front of the rest.

I must say that I was quite surprised that one of the contestants did not even know how to julienne a carrot. I would think any aspiring chef would know a basic skill like that!


  1. I've caught a few episodes of this. Definitely Guy is good. I don't think the big black guy will win as they just hired to guys like him last time. I think the lady from California is pretty, she just needs a little more spark.
    Have you watched Top Chef at all on Bravo? My friend who is studying to be a chef says she caught the first episode and said she puts up this that crap from fellow students and mentors everyday.

  2. Hi Zoey,
    I have been watching this too! Guy also looks like the best choice to me.
    He is actually from a town just about 1 hr from us. Did you notice how many were from CA this time?


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