Monday, March 20, 2006

Office Garbage

If you work in an office, this computer paper box is probably familiar.
It's usually destined for the trash.

But not in my office.
Heavens No!
I hoard these boxes like they're made of gold.

They are very sturdy and great for all sorts of valuable stuff.
Well, O.K., mostly junk, but nonetheless, they are great junk holders.

I like them so much, that I take the time to pretty them up before I put my treasures in them.

With just a bit of time,some fabric, glue, and trim, I end up with a box like this

Which coordinates well with my family room sofa when it's placed beneath my end table.

I use them a lot for magazines because they are the perfect size.


  1. What a clever idea! The more I visit here, the more I can tell you are a very talented lady.

  2. You are so amazing. I love those boxes, too. If you buy the recycled paper from Staples, you get a half-sized box that is even more versatile!

    (What, me? A hoarder? Nooo... well...)

  3. I like your box too! That reminds me, I need about 4 more to get the kitchen completely cleaned out. Well it ever end?

  4. I love those boxes, too. I'm usually packing clothes away for the next kid to grow into. I don't need to decorate them for the crawlspace.

  5. I never would of thought to decorate them, I do have some that are marked showing which each contains and are in the closet of my sewing room, so I least know where Christmas fabric, crafts etc are (well kind of).


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