Friday, March 17, 2006

Keep Me Out of the Stores This Time of the Year!

I couldn't resist making a few flower purchases - new cannas, dahlias and 9 packs of zinnia and sunflower seeds.

Every year I say I am NOT buying any seeds because they never grow well for me. This year I have a new spot in mind. Remember when I had a bunch of those ugly tall pine trees cut down? Well, now it is a very sunny area and I thought I would give seeds another try. It will be my cutting garden for inside arrangements.

At least that's the plan today..........until they actually get in the ground it is subject to change. Posted by Picasa


  1. I haven't even been to the nursery this year. My garden is so full I don't really need to buy much. I do want a few more lillies though....maybe tomorrow...

  2. I stumble at your blog and found you like gardening, cooking and sewing. So am I! I saw your zinnias package. They're really easy to grow.. My first try to sow their seeds was last spring. It only took me less than 3 days to see a life of my zinnias. I learned a simple method. You can check them out at my homepage.

    Happy Gardening this summer.

    From: A lady in Vancouver Canada

  3. Wow-now you are blog happy (taking after me perhaps?) ; )
    I like your seed choices also. I have grown zinnias every year. They are so colorful and make nice cut flowers. My grandmom loved them.
    Have you seen the zinnias that are lime green and lilac? Gorgeous!

  4. Sandy, I had a bag of lilies in my cart and but them back at the last minute. This stuff is all for my deck planters (except for the seeds).

    Ladyseashells, Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am so hoping they are easy to grow. I will have to check out your method.

    Dianne, I thought of your zinnias when I was standing at Wally's World saying, "No, I don't need these"....then, "Oh, maybe just a pack or two....last year Dianne said how easy it was to grow that big patch of hers".....
    Before I knew it you had won out and I had 9 packages! LOL
    I bought the lime green before, but they weren't all the lime-colored, so I was not that impressed. Maybe they were mislabled. We all know how often that happens with flower flats.

  5. Good thing I booked mark your blog. Im back and saw your note. If u haven't been in my album and wants to find out how i did it,you can e mail me at Im very impressed with them,they're so easy to grow. I started mine last night, as tomorrow is a first day of spring. Im excited!

  6. Good luck with those zinnia seed and all the rest. Use some compost if you have it and they should grow easily.


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