Monday, March 27, 2006

Decoupaged Easter Eggs

Blogger is not letting me upload pictures tonight (AGAIN). Luckily I have Picasa and it is working. The only problem with Picasa is that I can only put one picture in each post.

I started doing a little Easter decorating tonight. I discovered I am not really in the mood, though. I am trying to do a simple Easter table, but it is just not coming together for me. So I am giving up until another day.

I did do a bit with the Easter egg tree, although it does not look too good either. I am just not having a good day!

These decoupaged real eggs are nestled at the bottom of the tree. I cut out pictures of pieces of quilts from magazines. These eggs are some of my favorites.

  Posted by Picasa

I think I am going to clean up the kitchen and settle in for a little blog reading (it's been three days since I've seen what everyone has posted). Hope you have all been posting like crazy so I have a lot to read! Posted by Picasa

Oh, look at that - I got 2 pictures in one post. Thank you, Alice! Remember a while back you told me how you copy the url from picasa and paste it into the post where you want the picture? Well, it worked for me, too!


  1. i give up you are the winner if egg decorating

  2. Wow, I've never seen egges quite like that. Great idea!
    I'm not in the mood to decorate when my house will be in an uproar for over a month more. I have a pretty wreath on the door for now.
    Hope you had a good weekend on your get-away.

  3. Actually, I can't remember telling you that hint, but then there's a lot of things I can't remember these days.

    To get multiple photos in one posting I send them from Picasa to Hello (Hello seems to print them a bit bigger than Picasa). Before you hit 'Publish' on Hello, hit Shift Key and || (on my keyboard it's just under the backspace key), then hit publish. This will put your photo in a queue, waiting for the next photo. Do this with all photos EXCEPT the last one, for which you just hit 'Publish' without the || before it. This will put all of your photos on the one posting.

  4. Gorgeous eggs Zoey. You're such a clever girl.
    I can pass on another tip from Val and Alice about posting multiple pics with Hello and Picasa. Makes it so easy! Please email me at and I'll send you the information. It's a great tip. I'd like to know the details of pasting the url from Picasa if you wouldn't mind sending that info.

  5. oh, I just read Alice's comment and see that she passed on that tip. She's such a helpful girl, that Alice :)

  6. Hmm....I did not get that way to work. Must be doing something wrong.
    Kerri, the other way is to actually publish the pic by itself and then copy the url and paste it into the post where you want it. Then delete the first post.
    It's actually a rather long tedious way to do it, but it does get both pics in one post.


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