Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Whooo Hoooooooooo I have a Blogroll!

I went to Bloglines and signed up. Somehow I figured out how to make an automatic blogroll whenever I put a blog on my list. Don't anyone ask me how, because I really could not tell you. (for those who are new to this blogging world, a blogroll is the listing of the blogs I read, located on the right side of my blog.). I feel so much better now that I can reciprocate blog links. I will gradually add as I check out each blog.

After work today I went to a new nursery near my home to see if they had the ligularia shown below. And they DID. I was shocked! She said they just came in about my lucky day! I purchased two of them and they are planted. I wonder if they will bloom this year? I have to say, they would not win any beauty contests at the moment.

I also bought two Purple Fountain Grass ('rubrum'Pennisetum setaceum). I have never planted any of the grasses before and am looking forward to watching these new additions to my garden.

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  1. Hi Zoey,

    thanks for Blogrolling me. I'll add you to my hand-rolled blog links.



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