Sunday, June 5, 2005

Last week I did not get anything done in the garden, so I am still playing "catch-up" on my spring weeding. I spent about 4 hours yesterday and accomplished a lot. I am hoping to finish today. I have purple everywhere at this time of the year with the creeping phlox and the allium. I have a lot of creeping phlox--all of it came from just 3 small containers I purchased about 15 years ago. Every year I would dig up little clumps and plant them in a different area. Although it only blooms for about two weeks, the foliage looks good all season. I consider it a big plus to find perennials that have decent foliage. Yesterday a few orange poppies bloomed. Unlike the phlox, the poppy foliage is incredibly UGLY -- when the blooms finish, it turns brown and is quite unsightly. It all has to be cut to the ground after it turns brown (another chore). I do love the brilliant orange paper-thin poppy blooms, so the chore is worth it to me. I will post pics later today if a few more open.

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