Sunday, June 19, 2005

Big Chore Completed

We finally get to cross off a big task from our list -- staining the deck. I did all of the cutting in around the railing and 3 sets of stairs. DH used a roller for the stain. We put one coat on Saturday and a second today. It is an oil stain and will take overnight before I can bring back the plants and furniture. The two 1/2 whiskey barrels were to heavy to take off the deck, so we just moved them, stained and moved them back today. We have always used a water-based stain which dries completely in about 3 hours vs 12 or more for oil. We are getting very tired of doing it every year, so this year we decided to try oil based to see if it will last longer. It looks great right now. We are hoping it stays so shiny and wet looking. Our deck is pretty big -- about 40 feet in the direction you see here and then it turns and goes 20 feet in the other direction. It is a very good feeling to have it done! Today my first peony opened. I have been seeing peony pics on everyone's blog for the past two weeks. I must be 2 - 3 weeks behind everyone else. This year a rather amazing thing occurred--a peony I have had for 15 years put out its FIRST bloom. Yes, I waited 15 years for a THAT is patience!

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