Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Ligularia stenocephala

This plant is on my wish list. Last winter I saved this picture from someplace on the net to remind me to purchase it this summer. Does anyone have this plant? If so, can you tell me about it? Do you like it? Does the foliage stay nice all season?


  1. I have 'The Rocket' cultivar of this ligularia and I love it. The only problem I have with it is that it is very thirsty. I have it planted in shade but it still needs watering every day when it is hot. But it is worth it.

    The foliage can get a bit tired looking by the end of the season. I have it planted at the rear of the border for that reason.

  2. Thanks, Mia. Does it form a really large clump? I believe this one said after three years it could be 5 feet across. Since I don't have an irrigation system, I would probably want this one close to a water source.

  3. Mia, do you have pics of this on your blog?

  4. I also have 'the Rocket'. I ended up putting it in a container because the slugs loved it to near death. It looks great in a container though. I cut the leaves off as they look ratty and fresh leaves sprout back.

  5. Sandy, Do you leave it in the container all winter? Is the container in the ground or above ground?

  6. I have a four cultivars of ligularia, They need LOTS of water the first year. Although I have three of one variety that are all doing quite well in part shade with no extra care- lost the name to them though :(

    After the first year they need to be watered when it gets really hot because they lose a lot of water. There are quite a few very beautiful varieties. Never had a problem with slugs. I live in zone 4 and don't have to mulch or anything. They have even survived very nicely without much snow cover and really cold temps- very hardy once you get them established!

    Here are some pics of a couple of mine.

  7. Hi Zoey,
    I do leave it in the container over winter above the ground. But yesterday I planted in my garden by my bedroom patio(so I can do better slug patrol)because I went on a garden tour this weekend and was very inspired when I saw how big the leafs get in the ground.


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