Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Bloglines Feed

A recent comment from a new reader mentioned that she will be monitoring my blog on her blogline feed. I have been meaning to find out exactly what blogline feed is, but forgot about it until now. Can anyone enlighten me? Are there any negatives to having it? Is there a cost? Do most of you use it?


  1. I may be the one that mentioned the Bloglines newsfeed. It is free (other than your time to use it LOL). When you log into your profile, you can see all the new posts on your favourite blogs (including images), so that you only check the blogs which have new activity. That's how I knew you had a new post.

    A nice thing to have, if you follow lots of blogs.
    You can check it out here

  2. I do read a lot of blogs and hate wasting time opening them if there is nothing new. I will have to check this out. Thanks so much!


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