Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It has been a month since I planted my deck containers. It seems like it is taking forever for them to fill out. Some things have been a disappointment. Remember the chair I planted with purple petunias? Well, look below. The petunias turned out to be mostly pink, which is NOT what I wanted. I hate when the plant tag does not tell you exactly what the plant is. The orange calla lilies I had planted in the chair never came up. I removed them and they were mushy. (that is the second Walmart purchase that flopped this year; 3 of the 6 dahlias I planted also never came up). The sweet potato vine seems to be stunted. It is just sitting there, not trailing down and filling in as I expected. I could no longer take looking at the bottom of the chair, so I placed another plant in front until it fills in. I didn't like the grapevine bow on the chair, so it is now gone. I did paint a watering can yellow to match the yellow chairs and table. Then I removed the table and chairs from the deck. Of course, they could end up back in their original position.

Changing things is nothing new for me. I rearrange my deck like many people do their living room. Actually it IS my summer living room. If I am not on the computer, I am usually working in the gardens or on the deck.


  1. I like your petunias. They are a nice contrast with the chair. Everything looks colorful and neat as a pin.
    BTW, I bought plants at Walmart-some geraniums and a spike plant and they were duds, meaning they croaked.
    I bought a peach chiffon (I think that's it) calla lily from a local dept store and it just now is poking a green point up through the soil. Surprise, surprise!

  2. Usually Walmart plants are just fine, but this just seems to be a dud year for Wally's. I hope your calla blooms this year. Be sure to post a picture on your blog.


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