Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I planted wave petunias in the planter on top of the arbor. That was probably a mistake. They are not spreading as I expected and the bloom is quite small. I should have bought the plain old trailing petunias, but I did not want to deadhead them since it is a tad difficult to get up that high. Maybe they will turn out OK. I am just so impatient waiting. The two yellow chairs are placed there to guide the hose. I got tired of it crushing the plants as I pulled it. It is not likely that they will stay there beyond this weekend.


  1. I love your arbor!
    I planted a couple of varieties of sweet potato vine (purple and lime) in big ol' plastic strawberry jars (I bet they are 2.5 feet tall) They really love them! Perhaps yours are pot bound and need to spread their roots?

  2. Well, who knows? I have about 6 of them planted and none have taken off yet. I think maybe just the cold spring weather stunted them a bit as they are warm weather lovers.

  3. I think you're right, you just need a dose of good hot weather to get those vines growing. Good luck!


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