Saturday, June 25, 2005

I do

I just got home from work at 9:00 p.m. The wedding we did tonight was lovely. The decorator did a few things I have not seen before. The bride & groom sat at a "sweetheart table", a table for just the two of them, while the attendants sat at two other tables. The decorator had an antique buffet behind them nicely decorated with family pictures in silver frames, candles, etc. In the center of the room he placed another antique table and did a large floral display. Every thing was nicely done. I rarely work at night. Usually I just book the event, meet with everyone get all the details and issue function sheets to all departments of the hotel so they know what they have to do. Tonight I helped plate the dinner, plated appetizers for another event we had going on at the same time (military appetizer party with 8 Generals attending--very special for our town), I cut strawberries and affixed them to the side of champagne glasses, poured champagne, .... I even cut the wedding cake. Both events went exceptionally well, and it was actually quite a fun evening, although my feet are killing me. For seven hours, I pretty much ran back and forth from the kitchen, to the reception room, to the military event, just making sure they were all happy.


  1. I love the fact that you love your job.

    High end service industry jobs like yours are so often poplulated by individuals that look like they just have too much on their plate - frazzled, frantic, and underappreciated.

    I am a commitee member of a small convention that meets at a local suites hotel. They have nearly yearly turnover of all their staff and are always understaffed in the food service areas. We hear 'we had several people quit today' every year. Consequently, their service is very sad. (But they are well located and our conference structure requires the suites for meeting spaces.)

    I wish we could move up to your place. Simply dealing with the same person year after year would be a rare treat.

  2. You are so correct, Jen. It is very, very rare that a hotel has an executive committee of six people and I have the least seniority--20 years this September! It is a career with a high turnover rate. I have one convention group that has been here every year for 19 years. It is a snap for the convention planner. He just gives me the new menus and I have all the other details.


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