Monday, June 27, 2005

Grill Planter

The old grill is filling out nicely and I am happy with everything but the sweet potato vine. I want the vine to grow to the ground, but as you can see it is barely moving. I am still optimistic that it will take off soon and fulfill its duty.


  1. You are so clever Zoey! Love both the cradle, the grill and all the chosen plants.
    I was wondering when you start to trim back your plants such as the petunias? Will they just look leggy to you or do you trim before they get that way? I think you have answered this a bit for me before, but I was wondering about the above leggy factor.

  2. Usually they look pretty good until about August. I will trim them back as soon as I don't like how they are looking. I do deadhead them almost daily, which helps a lot.

  3. Thanks-I'm a great dead header myself! : )


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