Friday, August 21, 2009

The Wreath is Finally Done

I recently did the heart wreath (that I mentioned on an earlier post) to hang beside the garage. The wreath has been hanging there empty all year. I keep thinking I need to do something with it, but until today I just did not get around to doing anything about it.

I decided I needed something under it so I went to the shed and hauled out my antique lawn mower. I have not had this out for a few years. I decided to use scarecrows to decorate the front of the house since it is almost September and I just love scarecrows.

Here is the full lawn mower with the wreath above.

I also did a milk can to set next to the front door.
As I was wondering the gardens earlier in the morning, I came across one lone tiger lily back against the rockwall and three Oriental lilies trying to stay alive in the dark shaded area. I dug them both up and moved them right next to one of the paths where I will see them every day.
I was very happy that when I dug them, I got the entire bulb!
It was a thrill as I often chop the plant off before I get to the bulb. Here's the three Orientals in their new home. The poor things are only about a foot tall (should be about 4 ft tall).

I love the orange tiger lily. It, too, is very small because of the growing conditions.
I think they will both like their new home much better.


  1. I used to move my perennials all the time..not so much anymore. Thank goodness they are tough that is if you don't chop off too much of the plant.
    I too love scarecrows. Will have to put mine up soon although I try not to do that before September.

  2. Wow, I want to try the vitamins that you take for energy. : )
    Everything looks great! The crocusmia is an awesome plant. Yours were red and mine were more orange.
    I like your heart wreath and fall decor. I just bought something at Home Goods for the fall. I'm getting ready to transition too!

  3. Betty, I am trying to get to the point where I don't have to move mine all the time, too. I am looking for easier maintenance as I transion into my "senior" years...AARP likes to think I am already there, but I don't consier the fifth decade to be a senior. :)

    I am really loving the crocosmia! It's such a burst of color late in the season. I have three areas where they have not bloomed this year. I am hopeful for next year.
    Oh, I don't take any vitamins. Some days I could use some though! :)


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