Saturday, August 22, 2009

DH Had a Great Idea to Raise the Big Blue Planter

He used the top of his old grill turned upside down with a stone paver under it and above it.........Pure genius!

Now it's much higher. Is it too high?

I think it might be, but I am not changing it now.
I can't tell you how much I am loving the crocosmia. It's so bright and it looks so good next to that double gold lily whose name escapes me. It is in last year's archives, but I don't feel like looking for it now. If anyone really needs to know the name, check August 2008 or 2007. It's probably in both.

I really have a lot of tall purple phlox blooming right now. I am enjoying it all around the white arbor. I also have a lot white, but it blooms a few weeks later than the purple, so I still have the white to look forward to. There aren't too many plants left to bloom.

I can't believe how fast the summer season goes by!


  1. I always feel sorry when I hear that your summer is coming to an end - I know it means that ours is beginning, and sometimes I feel sorry for that,

    You have such a short period of time in which to enjoy your beautiful gardens before the cold comes again, whereas we have such a long time to struggle to keep ours alive through the summer.

    Surely there must be somewhere on earth where there is a perfect balance?

    Zoey, your garden is such a delight this year - I love all the different colours mixed with so much greenery, and the blue planter is a real focal point now.

  2. So colorful! I like seeing the blue pop in the distance there, so it's not too high. : )
    Are you seeing any butterflies, especially on the phlox? Since we had such a cool summer, they just started coming around at the beginning of August-along with the mosquitoes!

  3. Alice,
    Thanks so much for your always kind comments. We never really had much of a summer this year, but it was perfect for me. All the rain was wonderful and I even liked the cool temps. I hope your summer is wonderful, too.

    I don't think I have as many butterflies as I uusally do. I have seen a few. Today I saw a hummer and they have not been around much this year. I don't feed them, but they usually are always sipping nectar from my flowers. Of course this year I with no annuals, I didn't have many blooms until now.

  4. Oh, I'm so glad you're enjoying the crocosmia. You know I've long admired your garden so it's nice to see my little contribution in there. :)

  5. Zoey, I also grow the 'curly grass' so it was fun to see what you do with yours! I'll be following the poppy progress! Thanks for a lovely read.

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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