Thursday, May 15, 2008

Size Matters

Even though it's still only in the 50-degree range, there was a bit of sun out today and the new tulips were opened when I got home from work.

They are both quite beautiful when fully opened.

The Greigii Kiev boasted of 7-inch blooms, so I thought I'd see if the advertising was correct.
Hmmm....six inches is the biggest one I could find. It's still a nice size for a tulip. The Monsellas maxed out at the same size. Not bad. I am happy with both of them.

I have not done anything new as far as the deck planters go. I usually have them all planted by now.

This year it's been too cold and I have not even been in the mood to go to the local stores to see what plants are available. That is very odd as normally I want to get there first so I can get "all the good stuff" before it's gone. Maybe I will just pull out the dozens of cannas, callas and dahlias I have stored from last year and not plant any annuals...........I am not even in the mood to do the big planters at all seems like way too much effort this year. It's really amazing how much work is involved to get the deck to look like it usually does.


  1. Zoey - I'm so pleased to read that it takes a lot of work to have the decks looking so beautiful - I'd hate to think you could achieve all that so

    Seriously, they are magnificent and you do a wonderful job.

    I'm also in the doldrums with gardening at the moment. I have loved gardening all my life, yet now it's become an effort to muster any enthusiasm, although I know that if we ever get rain again, I will be out there like a shot. It's amazing how much damp soil gives me the urge to garden - trouble is that we haven't seen any for such a long time, and the plants are suffering as a result.

    I'll just have to enjoy your garden instead.

  2. What beautiful tulips! They almost seem to glow :)
    We're wilting here at 104ΒΊ. I can hardly muster the energy to move.
    50ΒΊ sounds pretty tempting to me right now!!

  3. The tulips are gorgeous! It doesn't get cold enough in SoCal for tulips to bloom.

    I think you do way, way more than humanly possible every year for a few brief months of blooms. It's understandable to feel a bit tired. Maybe this year you'll take more trips and enjoy other gardens?

    I visited the Getty again recently and saw pink cannas and thought of you. Actually, I thought, "Zoey has tons of cannas but I don't remember her having pink ones." So I snapped a photo but it'll probably be next month by the time I post about it for you to see! :P

    Sorry I haven't been commenting lately. So much stuff going on. But I still check your blog every day. Just thought you should know you're appreciated, and so are your gardening and quilting updates. :)

  4. Those tulips are as big as Amaryllis flowers, Zoey! My family in Illinois also say spring is slow in coming, but at least the flowers last instead of crisping up right away.

    Maybe the longer the pondering time for the containers, the more spectacular the eventual design??

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. They are huge tulips! Love them!
    I hear ya on the motivation factor. Seems it took so long to get this far with my gardens. I still have a ton of weeding to do. I'm feeling it in my legs a lot this year. I think when the temps hit the 70s, you'll bloom like your tulips! : )

  6. Hi Zoey,

    The tulips are lovely and I saw some of your videos on YouTube the other day of the deck. Making things just the way you want can take alot of time and effort. You do beautiful work and I always enjoy your blog. Going for a walk or 'window shopping' for flowers may get you in the spirit of things. I sometimes find a good gardening programme helps to spur ideas and inspiration. Just enjoy each day :o)

    I hope you have an lovely and relaxing weekend...

  7. Alice, no rain really zapped my enthusiasm last year. I hope you get some soon.

    Susie, 104! Much too hot to do anything but sit in air conditioning and perhaps read.

    Chopsticks, You're are correct. I have a lot of cannas, but no pink. I bought them all since I've been in my "hot colors" stage, so they are all orange and red. I will be waiting to see your pink one.

    Annie, I was thinking the same thing yesterday about the cool temps keeping the tulips looking nice longer. I actually do like it on the cool side....but 50's is about 10 degrees to cool to enjoy being outside.

    Dianne, I was noticing the grass in the phlox waving in the wind. I was only out weeding once so far and didn't get to that much work let to do!

    Liz, I usually get inspired by magazines, tv programs, too. Or I like to search google images for pictures of other people's gardens. Maybe this weekend I will go to the local nurseries. Once I buy flowers, I may be all excited again.

  8. Zoey, once it warms up and you sit outside you will be eager to do it, I'll bet. The warm weather and seeing the tulips will get your juices going and before you know it it will be done!! have fun! Nannette

  9. Gorgeous colors!

    Like Wandering Chopsticks, I check your blog every day but have been too busy to comment much. I've been doing duty in the garden as we have been having beautiful weather. However, we need some rain, as well.

  10. I know how you feel, Zoey! Maybe you just need to cut backa little. I have a lot done but only because I'm pushing myself to get done before my surgery. I'm sure you'll get motivated when you need to be.

  11. Nannette, You are probably right. Once I get to sit out in the sun, I do tend to get more energy.

    Giddy, Could you just send me a bit of that energy thru cyberspace? I was going to go out after work today, but it's raining now so I will just play online instead.

    Jean, I cut back quite a bit last year. I will probably cut back more this year....unless, of course, I find my garden mojo soon!


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