Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chasing Butterflies in my Bathrobe

What a surprise to find this cooperative butterfly when I went out to shoot the morning tulips.

He even landed on my hand!


  1. What gorgeous pics!
    At least you were wearing a bathrobe..hehe

  2. You know I love these! Amazing shots! I believe he just opened his wings as I remember my late in the season Monarch pal landing on my hand too and looking similar to your pal.

  3. Looking closer, he may be an older butterfly as he's missing the tip of one of his wings.

  4. LOL, Betty. It's a good thingk because I think I would scare even a butterfly if I went out there with nothing on! ha ha

    Dianne, I am always amazed at how perceptive you are! You really should have been some sort of detective because you never miss anything! I, too, think this little guy was just born. He isn't missing the tip, it must just be the angle of the pic. He's pretty small and moved very slowly. It was still cold at 7am and, I think, he needs sunlight to warm his wings to fly properly.

  5. Zoey, did you lose your butterfly? I think he's at my place now.....Check it out.

  6. Beautiful photos, Zoey!

    And I love your nails. I always keep mine quite short and unadorned, but I do admire women who can keep nice nails.


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