Saturday, May 24, 2008

Campbell Soup Embellished Valances

Talk about differnt! LOL.
While searching the basement for something to embellish the valances, I came across these tiny little boxes of cambpell's soup. Hmmmmmmm....I wonder..........I do have a Campbell's kid cookie jar.

Well, I think they are quirky....maybe a tad too quirky for I continued my search.

I found three packages of these little mirrored black circles.

I wish they were about twice the size.
I spent some time trying to find something to back them with to make them bigger, but found nothing.
So I used them as they were.

And these valances are finished for now. I may change the embellishment if I come across something I like better.


  1. Hi Betty,
    Thank you for the nice comment.

    I am happy that I got to use up a lot of yardage I alreay had. It's almost like getting them for free.......almost....I always forget what I paid for the fabric, so it feels like it was "free"...LOL.

  2. Good idea about the mirrors! I guess they add a little sparkle there.
    I would use the Campbell soup embellishments as magnet. You know Campbell soup is made in Philly? Bri is saying Camden, NJ. That's close too!


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