Monday, May 12, 2008

Greigii Kiev and Monsella Tulips

Despite my lack of care, I have dozens of tulips blooming. I did not go out once to deer proof them. As it turned out this is one of those very rare years when there were no deer or rabbits eating my flowers.

This bold beauty is 'Greigii Kiev'. I ordered 35 of these last August from a telephone sales pitch from Breck's. I like these.

They are supposed to have "purple-veined" leaves. I don't see any purple, do you? Oh, wait a second. Let me get my magnifying glass out.

Ah, there are some tiny little specks of dark color. I guess that's the coveted "purple veining". I'd say that advertising is just a tad misleading. I was expecting to see the purple without having to enlarge the picture on my computer screen! Nonetheless, I'd buy these again for the dramatic flower color.

These 'Monsella' are also new.
These are not as bold, but they are no wallflower either.

I am very happy with both of these. It's wonderful to get mail-order flowers that meet (almost) your expectations.

I am waiting for my phlox to bloom before I take long shots of the other tulips. It should be this week.

I did a ton of cooking this weekend.

Remember Saturday night we grilled steaks? Well, we grilled extra so that after work tonight I can make a stir fry. There will be no frozen bagged veggies in tonight's stir fry. I spent a lot of time cleaning and chopping and have everything ready to throw in the wok. Bagged and frozen mixtures are so much easier!
I just love to look at all the nutritious ingredients.

Have a great Monday everyone.


  1. Zoey, what do you use to deerproof your garden? One day this spring, my tulips were just beginning to bloom. The next day, all of them were gone! They'd been savagely munched on by deer during the night. Arggh!

  2. Hi Priscilla,
    I know that feeling so well! Almost every year deer would demolish mine until I started spraying the tulips with Hinder. It's a pain because if it rains you have to respray, but it has worked for me. One container lasts me the whole year. When I bought it last year it was about $35.

    Take a look at this post. I have a picture of it.

    Good luck in your battle. My next big battle is the hostas. The deer love them!

  3. Hi Zoey,
    Beautiful tulips and I know you must be relieved to enjoy them instead of the deer!
    Your stir fry inspires me, as I also have leftover steak from the weekend dinner. I was thinking of steak salad, but this looks yummy too!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous blooms! Thanks for sharing, Zoey!
    I have leftover chicken so it's a toss up between stir fry or pot pie. This time I'm thinking pot pie will win!

  5. Zoey, I'm glad the animals left your tulips alone this year. They are both beautiful! I'm posting some "orange" ones I got in a flat tomorrow.

  6. That is a nice looking cutting board.

    So far, the tulips I planted have not really met my expectations, but I'm glad to hear, and see, that you are getting better results!

  7. I wish my 'neglected' tulips grew and flowered that well, Zoey.

  8. They are really gorgeous tulips and I am glad Bambi and the gang found nibbles somewhere else!


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