Monday, June 4, 2012

New Bloomers (NO, not that kind of bloomers!)

It rained all weekend. Since I was out of town all weekend, it was perfect! The garden got some much needed moisture.  After work today I went out to see what new blooms I had. 

I was surprised to find quite a few that are blooming 3 weeks earlier than last year.

I love this white with black markings poppy called 'Royal Wedding'.
I purchased it from Breck's and planted it in the fall of 2009.  This is 2012. I expected it to be a huge plant by now. Unfortunately it's still small with just another couple of buds to open.  I guess the "third year it leaps" is not true for poppies.  I have six poppies from Brecks planted in this area (3 varieties)and all six are still tiny.  On the bright side they are at least alive.

This white bloom is an heirloom plant from my mother-in-law who got it from her parent's farm when she was first married. She is now 83 years old.  So this lovely fragrant flower came from an original plant that is well over half a century old!
My MIL calls it 'Sweet Annie'.  I think it's an herb.

I may have mentioned that I planted my aqua milk cans with Sedum Autumn Joy.  I have tons of it, so I just dug up a few and stuck them in plastic pots that would fit inside the milk cans.

SAJ is the easiest plant I have to grow. It does not need much water, so it's perfect for the lazy gardener I have become. :) It is also most cost effective and who does not want to save a few bucks these days?

My garden is all pastel right now.  I was thrilled to see that the lupine I moved last year gave me one bloom.

You can see the 'Royal Wedding' poppy behind it.

The last new flower I found was this magenta spiderwort.  I like spiderwort, but it tends to overtake an area, so I am always removing huge chunks from my gardens.

I forgot the name of this plant, so I had to search  my own blog.  I was amazed to find that last year on June 21st, I did a 'what's blooming now' post with all of these same plants!  I guess the warm winter has caused them all to bloom very early this year.

I hope to get around to visiting all of your blogs soon. When I am out of town all weekend and working all week, it's tough to maintain my garden and visit blogs!  I really need a few more hours in my day.


  1. Love that aqua milkcan. The poppy looks beautiful even if it doesn't multiply very quickly.


  2. Bummer about your White Wedding poppy. I have two clumps that I started three years ago from seed, and they are huge now. The rest of your flowers are very pretty too.

  3. That's neat about the 'Sweet Annie' being so old. I betcha I have tulips, etc at least 30+ yrs that come up here once in a while.
    The white Poppy is very pretty-looks like paper.
    We have getting that chilly rain too-blah. Makes me feel blah.

  4. Very pretty Zoey. The white Poppy is lovely and what ever that heirloom plant is, it sure looks beautiful. You know my stuff took off early also and then with so many 90 days in May they stopped growing but are blooming. Can't even believe I had one Coneflower bloom at the end of May so understand your early bloomers.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. It sure was an icky weekend where weather was concerned but like you, we really needed it. There's been a fire ban for weeks now because everything has been so dry. Can't wait for them to lift it because I have a new firepit that I received for Christmas and I want to start using it in the backyard to sit and enjoy in the evenings. Ok, I really want it so that I can make some s'mores! lol

    Your flowers are really coming along nicely. I have two Chinese Poppy plants that I planted 3 years ago and although it gets a lot of foliage and have gotten quite big, they only produces 1 or 2 poppies. This year I only see 1 pod forming!! None of my other flowers are in bloom yet but in another week or two some should be.

    Today the sun has finally come out again and it's warming up quite nicely, hope it's the same for you:-) xoxo

  6. Love your magenta spiderwort!!! I just have a huge clump of regular old spiderwort that was dug from my friends' property up near Traverse City. Where'd you get the magenta one??

  7. Beautiful! Your gardens always look wonderful..I know it takes lots of work to keep them like that!

  8. I saw how much my Spiderwort had grown this year from when it was planted last year and I was wondering. Will I guess you answered my question, It may be invasive.
    It is lovely this time of the year. Your poppy is so pretty. The dark contrast is so pretty in the petals. And I love your Lupine. Just gorgeous. Another plant I fail at growing so I will enjoy yours.


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