Friday, June 8, 2012

Thunderstorms Predicted Tonight

That makes me happy as we still need more rain.  I am  happiest if we get two full days of rain each week in the summer.  Then my grass stays green and the flowers are also happy. It does not usually happen.

I went out after work today to tackle the weeds in the main gardens.  I lasted about 45 minutes before the mosquitoes had blood flowing down my arms.  That was long enough for me to get a full wheelbarrow load of weeds, so I was thrilled.  Just a few years ago, after 45 minutes, I was just getting I am thrilled to have worked 45 minutes in the garden! 

More rain will  keep all of these areas looking as good as (or better) than look today:

This is the path we put in last year. It is looking good with the Frances William hosta in the foreground, the 'Palace Purple' heuchera near the end of the path and the 'Manhattan' lilies I moved here last year.  I am amazed how those lilies took to this area (left side)...they are huge!

 I like this combo of chives and purple iris:

The Heuchera 'Caramel' that I planted last year survived our mild winter and looks pretty good right now against the Lamb's Ear.

My Siberian Iris has just started to bloom (the purple/blue flowers in the front): 

Here are the same plants from the opposite direction:

The orange poppies have begun to open in the little rusty wagon wheel garden I showed you a few days ago:
But what really surprised me was another yellow iris in this garden.  I probably purposely planted it here, but then forgot I did it. :) I bet many of you can relate to that!

Our weather forecast is to get more thunderstorms tomorrow, but I am still hoping to get a lot of work done this weekend in the gardens.  I really need to dig out a TON of grass with bobbing seed heads.  I hope, if you are so inclined, that you also get a lot of garden work done this weekend.


  1. Your flowers are doing beautifully ~ we also need rain in the U.P. Hoping for some tonight - especially now that I finally have the garden planted.
    'hugs from afar'

  2. I've always said-we need to get an inch of rain every three days with this sand. But then--the mosquitos appear. It's always something. Your garden is stunning, Zoey. I sure wish I was there.
    (I'm in WY this week--so so so dry--but no mosquitos-LOL!)

  3. We had a beautiful rain last night and this morning. We needed it but I'm hoping for not too much more right now. If we can keep those mosquitoes away it would be far we are not bothered by them yet.

  4. Your gardens look very healthy. NO gardening this weekend for me...busy schedule. We have been having rain every afternoon here.

  5. The kids saying... OMG fits this post to a T. Your garden starts out so regular looking, but in a very short time....things grow like gang busters. What do you feed your plants....? Everything looks so pretty and lush.
    Hope you get to work in your garden after the rain.

  6. Your garden is doing beautifully. I love the last picture with the poppy and the old wheel.
    We had an inch of rain yesterday morning and the weeds are growing like crazy in my garden. But no gardening for me this weekend. I'm having a garage sale and have been working at that all week.

  7. Zoey- Your gardens are just beautiful. I hope some of that rain blows this way. It was supposed to but when I looked at the weather channel it looked like it had shifted and might miss us. We need it badly.

    I love that yellow iris. I got some from my daughter when she moved and I love the pop of sunshine it adds to the greenery. xo Diana

  8. Looking good! I miss Poppies! My Siberian irises all bit the dust this year.
    That was fast gardening! I give myself at least an hour before a break. : )
    Hope you get some gardening in today.

  9. Zoey, your gardden has sure popped. Everything looks so big and lush. I have the Frances Williams hosta but mine does not look as good as yours.


  10. Zoey your chives and irises look so lovely together. So does the yellow iris amongst the poppies. Very pretty. Girl I keep a list of what and where I plant things and still cannot remember. LOL!

  11. I stopped by to find your banana bread reipe but inspired to go out and degrass a clump of lirope too! We ve had rain too and it easier to pull weeds. I always leave P.P. inspired. Thank you.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Willow,

    I wish I could reply to your comments, but you come in as anonymous.

    If you happen to stop back here, I just want you to know that I am so happy you were inspired to go out and work in your garden!


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