Sunday, June 24, 2012

Need One More Golden Privet Shrub

After I planted the 2 smoke bushes last week, I realized I needed one more Golden Privet Shrub behind the smoke bush  (red X on the left ) so it would match the other side.  I would also have a nice triangular arrangement of that bright chartreuse color.

I do love triangular plantings, don't you?

 I have a fairly large Golden Privet in my rockwall garden.  I really don't like digging them up from there and moving them just when they are getting big enough to make a statement, but if I buy one, it will be way too small.
So today I decided to dig it out.  About noon, I checked the weather channel and it appeared that I had a good hour before it would rain. 

 Never trust the weather channel. 

It began raining within fifteen minutes after I got outside. I decided to stay out and at least get the daylilies removed (2 wheelbarrow loads). Since I was already wet, I thought I may as well  get the hole dug and filled with water. I bet the neighbors wondered why I was hauling out the hose while it was raining. :)   I was probably out in the rain for about 25 minutes.

I was thoroughly soaked when I came inside!

The rain stopped after about 45 minutes and I went right back out (still in my wet clothes) to finish the planting.

Here it is all finished. The Golden Privet is not as tall as the one on your right, but I think it will catch up in a short time.
From this angle, both of them ended up behind a tree.  I did not even plan that, but I  like that symmetry.

A few days ago I cut down the Lamb's Ear because  it was already flopping.
I really do not like floppy plants. As soon as they begin to fall over, I cut them back almost to the ground. 

I am amazed by all that is blooming so early.

In a normal year, I would not have any of these lilies blooming until about July 4.

This  year everything is at least two weeks early. 

 By the end of July I won't have anything left to bloom! 


  1. Going to be really pretty and I think you did right by adding one on the other side. As much as I like different things, I need balance and symmetry. You might be wet, but what a great time to get them planted. Man you are gutsy transplanting this time of year. Our weather is now officially drought.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Stunning, Zoey! I love all your blooms. I can't believe all that is in bloom.

  3. Your garden is beautiful. Will you come help me with mine?

  4. Oh it's so nice to see GREEN. We hit 102.3 today. We are parched!
    Your flowers are beautiful!

  5. there's truly nothing 'normal' about this growing season, is there! Your lilies are gorgeous. I like the ways in which you showcase your plantings - the triangular method always works so well! I plant in threes - whenever I can. And Zoey - the TRUE gardener knows that working in the rain is the BEST for the plants!!!! (it's probably really good for the gardener too!) Carry on! Everything looks wonderful.

  6. Zoey, I enjoyed your garden tour! Triangular planting looks wonderful.
    And now I have to go pull weeds in my garden:(

  7. Looks great! I love starting projects and having something postpone them. My gardens need attention as I have been away from them so much.

  8. That is such a pretty bed Zoey. I like your idea of the triangle. Never trust the weather girl. LOL! It seems so strange to have these plants blooming about three weeks ahead of time. Your lilies are so pretty.I am a fan of them. Your turquoise pieces in that bed are such nice touches. Have a wonderful week.


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