Tuesday, June 26, 2012

These 'Manhattan' Asiatic Lilies are Wowing Me this Year!

I love these so much that I have devoted an entire post to them.

 I know many of you probably have huge Asiatic lilies with dozens of flowers on each stem, but I have never had lilies grow large like these. It helps that they are planted in one of best spots for sun and soil.
 I think the purple clustered bellflowers look nice with them.

Here are some of the same bellflowers on the opposite side:

I have planted the lilies all around this walking path.

 When I bought these lilies two years ago this fall, I thought they were dwarf and planted them all along a different walking path. Ignore the arrows, etc. in this pic from two years ago. I just want to show you how big they were when planted.
I was shocked the next year when they were way too tall to be in the front of the walking path.  So I had to move all of them.

A few days ago,  I noticed that I missed a couple of bulbs when I removed them.  Notice that these are short just like when I bought them.  They must start out short and then go wild the following year!
I will have to move these soon.

I really wish all of my Asiatic lilies would grow as well as these that I bought at a rock bottom end-of-the-year markdown price from Home Depot.


  1. I just love that color--they're "wowing" me too!

  2. They are lovely. Like the color. Didn't get new photos of mine this year. One set didn't bloom, they're being shaded too much from other things. Your garden there is lovely and the ones by the smoke bush stands out with it in with them.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Lilies are great in the garden, take up very little room. However, some of mine are giant and I will definitely have to find another place for them.


  4. Oh yes, Manhattan is a fabulous lily and the best Asiatic I know of.

  5. Come sempre è uno spettacolo ;) Complimenti!

  6. I'm wowed as well. Beautiful colors. Have you ever participated in a garden walk?

  7. Love the color of you lilies. They are beautiful. I only have 3 and they are about to bloom.

  8. Gorgeous lilies! I have some orange asiatic lilies in my garden and they are very stunted this year. And something ate the bejeezus out of them. So sad... looking (for the flowers) and emotionally (for me). I am drooling over your Manhattan Asiatic Lilies!

  9. Gorgeous! I sure wait for the Lilies every year. Mine are doing good, but there is a lot of ornamental grass in that garden that needs to be dug out a bit. I may have Brian do that.

  10. your garden is beautiful...ours looks a little wilty with the 105 temps today...


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