Friday, June 15, 2012

Seeds are just not my Thing

Remember all those seeds I bought from an online source....3 different amaranthus plants...I was so thrilled to find amaranthus seeds.............well, I planted all of them about six weeks the area where I removed some daylilies. Here is what it looks like today:

Yes, it is still bare. Not a single seed came up!  Now I need to find something else to plant in this bare area. 

I am very happy with the 'Manhattan' Asiatic lilies I moved here last summer.  They are full of big fat buds about to open:

I am also happy to see the 'Bridal Veil' shrub in bloom:
I may use some of this in my centerpiece for my Sunday Father's Day dinner.

Here is a nice combo of hardy geranium and silver Lamb's ear:

I was thrilled to see that my Ninebarks bloomed:

This weekend I really need to clean my paths...they are all full of pine cones and pine needles.

It's my #1 task on my list of things to do tomorrow.
As you can see,  I have tons of work to do! 

Here's hoping we all have a productive and fun weekend.


  1. Everything still looks lovely. Glad you got your blooms on your Ninebark. Don't you just love it? Now since you are adding flowering shrubs, have you thought about filling in that area with some small Hydrangea? You have to watch which ones that are small, because so many only come back from the root each year. There is also small Spirea. Anyway just a thought since you are redoing it anyway, but regardless it is still lovely and anything you put there will only enhance what you already have.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Your garden looks good! Your hardy geranium is much thicker and fuller than mine.
    Don't work to hard this weekend.

  3. Your gardens always looks so neat...don't be surprised if those seeds germinate next year... :)

  4. The Ninebark is gorgeous, Zoey! I have variable luck with seeds; sometimes good (Verbena bonariensis, cleome, nigella) - sometimes not so good. I planted a lot of seeds in the house this winter and got several primula plants - they are still small but I'm hopeful they'll bloom and prosper. Your gardens are truly lovely but I can sure see why you are frustrated regarding those seeds!

  5. I don't have much luck with seeds either- sometimes they take and sometimes they don't. However, your gardens look just beautiful anyway and I really need to get out and work on ours. xo Diana

  6. I'm sorry you didn't have luck with the seeds. I do if I plant them in the house or in pots. I've read a lot from one gal's blog about planting them UNDER a thin layer of gravel---seems to keep them moist, the rain doesn't "wash"them away--I'm going to try that with some difficult perennials I have seed for when I get home.
    Your garden looks wonderful despite the blank spot. Have a great weekend, Zoey!

  7. I have hit and miss results with seed planting and I cannot figure it out either. Your beds look so pretty Zoey. I adore that Ninebark. Just gorgeous!

  8. Sorry about the seeds, but everything else is looking quite fine! Can you start them inside? I have a pal that even starts sunflowers indoors. The Nasturtiums are starting to spread a bit. My squash, etc are so slow.


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