Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Please Sit a Spell and Enjoy My New Peony

I bought this one in a gallon container full of buds two years ago. After planting all the buds dried up. There was no bloom last  year either. So when I saw 4 big luscious buds this year, I was thrilled.  The label said it was a red peony, but I think this is more like hot pink.
It is nothing special, but I like it because it is the first one I have that is not white. I just wish I knew the true color before I planted it next to red/orange lilies. 
This area also has red dwarf lilies. My plan was to have an all red and orange area.
I don't like the hot pink here, but it's staying. After waiting two years for a flower, I am not about to move that peony!

I always find the fuzzy buds of my Tango lilies interesting.  When I first planted them, I thought maybe they had a disease. I was totallly surprised to find that this fuzz is normal and does not hurt the flower at all. Now I like the fuzz just because it's different than all the other lily buds.
Of all the Asiatic lilies I have grown, I find the Tango series to be the most interesting.  You will see their gorgeous flowers soon.

Remember the woodland garden that I was removing all the daylilies from on Saturday?  Well, I am happy to report that I accomplished my goal and did get all the daylilies removed on Sat/Sun, except for one little clump of yellow ones that I want to transplant elsewhere.  I also left some Sedum Autumn Joy that I want to move.
I am very happy with the work we accomplished on Father's Day weekend despite all the rain on Sunday.

You may remember that my one goal for the weekend was to clean the paths of pine needles. 

Early Saturday morning I was moving the Smoke Bushes and I looked up and saw DH raking the paths.  I wondered what he was up to and then I smiled when I realized that he had read my blog post and came out to clean all the paths for me.  What a sweetheart!

The pink lilies are the Manhattans that I moved last summer while they were in full bloom.  I bought them two summers ago thinking they were dwarf.  When they were not, I had to find a new spot for tall lilies. They survived the move just fine.
Right behind them you can see the Smoke Bush I moved on Saturday.  It has had no problems since the move. The leaves did not even wilt! I am taking that as a good sign of its success potential.


  1. I think that Peony is beautiful. Yes you are right though, hot pink not red, but in any color it's wonderful.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Love the peony-what an eye-popping color!
    How much rain did you get over the weekend? I'm so anxious to get home to the garden. I had read that Cadillac had a freeze last week-I might not even HAVE a garden to go home to.......

  3. My mother had peonies that color in PA but I have never seen any around here. They are just gorgeous. I'm not crazy about the mix with the orange either but I know that peonies do NOT like to be moved so I would leave them, too.

    Your newly cleared spot looks great. What a lot of work you have done! Nice of hubby to clear the paths for you- xo Diana

  4. Sorry you don't like the colors clashing of the orange and pink....BUT that Peony is delish!! After waiting for it to bloom I would hesitate to re-locate it too...your husband is a keeper for sure!!!

  5. Thank you Zoey for sharing your garden with us. The peonies look amazing..I agree, don't move them. Love the spots of aqua here and there!

  6. That is so sweet that he read your post and was doing that for you! I Love the fuzz on those Lily cool!

  7. your garden is beautiful...I love that chair...the color is awesome...

  8. Your peonies are Beautiful!! I remember my MIL use to have them, and the ants that were on them!

  9. I love the fuchsia color of your Peony. I had that color and it must need moving as I just see the leaves of it. I do have a pale pink one.
    Lilies are one of my favorite summer time flowers. Mine are starting to bloom more and more.
    I love when the hubby does a chore I usually do. So nice of yours to do the sweeping.


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