Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Garden on the Last Day of May

I am finally getting some color--mostly purple, yellow and orange.  Today I will just show you a few views from different parts of the yard.

You can see all three arbors from this view:

From the front yard under the apple tree:

Looking back into the woods where I allow the disobedient orange poppies and wild phlox to spread with abandon.

The little rusty wheel garden will soon be ablaze with bright orange poppies blooming in front.

Some areas near me had frost last night. I am thankful that we did not. It is in the mid 50's right now. Not so good for my tropical planters, but GREAT sleeping weather!


  1. Zoey, Your gardens are just stunning! The invasive poppies: are those oriental poppies? Would it help to clip the seed heads after they bloom? Have a great wknd!

  2. Your yard is so pretty. Is it as big as it looks in the pictures? I love to watch the progression of your plantings.

  3. Your gardens are just SOOOO beautiful, Zoey. I am just so jealous of your way with plants! I would stand at my window and gaze at my yard if I were you. It is cold here tonight, too. In the 50's and I noticed that there are frost warnings just North of us. What a weird Spring- xo Diana

  4. Everything is shaping up nicely! I love the wild look beside the rock wall!
    It's been so warm here, I gave up weeding for the time being. Today was so nice, I asked Brian to go to the a different park with me, which we did. You can read about our excursion on my blog.

  5. Beautiful! I was so mad that we had to leave before my poppies opened up. I've been trying to get rid of the orange ones and keep the peach ones--now I don't know if I won the battle or not. And if I didn't, those 40,000,000 seeds are gonna sprout all over the border...AGAIN! Argh!!!!!
    Gosh, your place looks fantastic-so full and lush. I'm totally envious!

  6. Really lovely! You have so much in gardens. Very pretty but a lot of work and it always looks so pretty. We are getting some much needed rain. Hope we get enough.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. It's 55F here right now and quite overcast...I feel like getting back under the blankets! lol I'm loving the purples in your garden, so very pretty. Yesterday when I was watering my flowerbeds, I noticed that my pink Oriental poppies are forming buds, as are my lilies, so I should be having some colour in the next week or two. Do you ever get little red beetle like bugs in your lilies? It's the 3rd year in a row that I have to keep spraying my lilies because if I let them be, the little buggers eat all the leaves. Didn't see any yesterday so hopefully I've got them all. xoxo


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