Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's Been a Great Day

I was up before 5 a.m. (I like to get up extra early on the weekend).  By 6:30 a.m. I was outside in a gentle rain removing grass from the rockwall garden. By gentle rain, I mean just an occasional couple of minutes of rain, then it would quit, then start up again........I don't mind working in a gentle warm rain. In fact I think it's much easier to dig weeds when the soil is wet.
I thoroughly enjoyed my two hours outside this morning.

I marveled at the fact that I was doing hard labor to remove grass with seed heads, yet I was thrilled to discover the seed heads on this blue oat grass:

and this blue fescue grass, 'Elijah Blue' (the one in my arbor garden has never thrown up seed heads):

DH just shook his head when he came out as he could not tell the difference between what I was removing and what I was thrilled to have blooming.

 I also removed these colchium so I could plant them in my front garden where I can see them from my living room window. 
They are small flowers and do not bloom until mid fall.  This thick green foliage dies back and they just suddenly appear when they are ready.  Here they are from a previous year:
Lovely little purple flowers that many call fall crocus. They need to be some place where you can see them close up to appreciate them. Now they are.

I enjoyed the rest of the morning watching HGTV shows while picking the paper off my green star quilt that I showed you a few days ago. This quilt was made by a technique called "paper piecing" which means you sew right on paper.  It's a great technique until the time comes to remove all of that paper!

It comes off easily, but it's a big mess, so I put a wastebasket and the vacuum cleaner next to where I sat. Every time I got up (5 times in a couple of hours), I ran the vacuum cleaner to pick up the tiny bits of paper that tend to get everywhere.  As you can see, I only have the last border of paper to remove.  I am thrilled about that!

I was also happy to find these two allium Christopherii growing on the messy neighbor side of my deck:
I don't know how they got here. I think I may have thrown seeds in this area a few years ago.  They are way shorter than they should be, but I don't mind that. I am just happy that they are growing here!

While I was removing paper, DH put the window AC in the bedroom, so that made me happy.  I am also very happy that after six months of searching, I found the lost curtains for the family room window.  I made them "custom" by inserting  the burlap panels and am now able to pull them closed to keep the summer sun out of the family room.
The chair covers I made a few months ago, look great with the new sofa (you can see a tiny portion of it in the family room - right side).  So today my world is quite wonderful!  I hope yours is, too.


  1. How nice that you got so much done! Your gardens are really beautiful and I know the rain was a blessing yesterday.

    I am an early riser, too, and love to be out in the morning before the sun is hot and heavy.

    Can't wait to see your couch- xo Diana

  2. You made me smile that you are happy! Glad it was a great day for you Saturday.

  3. Nice to be up early and get all the work done that you did. Love the Alliums, they are so cool looking. Don't know if I would care for having to tear all that paper off of the quilt though. :)

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I love your garden. I try to have flowers like yours but Florida weather does not cooperate.
    It is either too hot or it rains so much that it makes everything rot.
    My siberian irises did not bloom this year but my white amaryllis has bloomed twice. Once in February and again today.

  5. Gardening in a lite rain is wonderful...great job on the curtains and chairs..

  6. My usual waking time is around 5:30 every morning and I love nothing better than to bring my cup of coffee outside and drink it while checking my flowerbeds and seeing what work needs to be done on them:-) I then dig in and have finished by 8 a.m. when most people are just waking up! lol Last week I weeded all my flowerbeds, what a job!! Also transplanted a few flowers and thinned out some. Just bought a Black Eye Susan plant so I'm hoping this one grows well. Love all the blooms popping up in your garden.

    Wow, I can see it would be quite the job getting all that paper off the quilt. Rather you than me! LOL As usual, beautiful work!! xoxo


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