Monday, June 11, 2012

What to Do with the Pantyhose We No Longer Wear

First of all, let me say that I hate this bare leg decade and I can't wait to see pantyhose return.  In my humble opinion, there are very few women, over 18 years old, who look good in a dress without pantyhose.  I see wedding pics with bridesmaid's bare legs and I shake my head in awe at how terrible it looks. I wonder how they will feel about those pics when they look back 10  years from now.

Anyway I was putting out the deck plants over the weekend and I noticed this black pantyhose tie I used last  year:
 Quite visible, don't you think?  LOL.  This year I wanted something more hidden.  So I searched my panthose drawer and found a brand new pair of white tights in size "small".  As you can see they were marked down at the end of the season. 
It must have been the end of the same season when I stopped working out at the gym for two hours per day. I know that I will never again work out that much. Therefore, I expect that I will never again be able to wear a size "small". From here on in, the best I can hope for is big and voluptuous! :) I decided to cut this pair up for plant ties. That one pair provided enough ties for years to come!  Pantyhose ties are great because they have some "give" and they expand with the size of the plant.

I used one to hold this butterfly bush right against the deck.
Look. You can hardly see it! Perfect.  I want those long purple butterfly bush blooms to hang right over the deck so I can see all the humming birds and butterflies sipping their sweet nectar.

It has been HOT here for the past two days. I HATE hot weather.  Sunday we went to Wally's World and I saw these long muumuu things that I thought would be nice to lounge around the  deck.....remember I am no longer a small size, so tiny little shorts and tanks are out. :)  The muumuu things were in the junior section.  I bought the biggest one they had and brought it home. It fit in all areas but one....I guess juniors are still developing, so there really was not enough fabric to cover the girls (if you know what I mean).  So to keep this blog "G" rated, I can only show you this much:
I am holding the picture frame because I am planning to hang it on the lattice again this year with a container inside it.  Anyway, don't you just love this bold Hawaiian print? I know I do.

 Before I hang this on the lattice, I want to change it up a bit.    Today I spent over 9 hours at work and when I got home I did not feel like painting in this horribly hot weather.  Once it cools down a bit, I will show you what I ended up doing with this frame. 

Until then, stay cool!


  1. Hey panty hose are great for lots of things. A friend I was with one time had their car break down and another friend stopped and used mine to fix a belt that broke until we got home. :) I like that moo moo. We don't have those Wally Worlds down here though.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Well, I am old school, Zoey. I think they make everyones' legs look better. I wear panty hose every day of life unless I am working outside in the garden or doing dirty work. I started wearing a very light support hose when I was pregnant with my first son because there was such a history of varicose veins in my family. I have worn them everyday since and I never got the broken veins. At work we were required to wear them at the hospital.

    I use my old ones for lots of things...especially plant supports. xo Diana

  3. This is a great idea, have a drawerful that do not fit!


  4. Too funny regarding the panty hose. the blacksmith told me the other day, if the onions produce well he needs panty hose to hang them up. I told him good luck, mine are probably dry rot!
    We got 3/10 of an inch of rain today! It is sooo dry here.

  5. I personally hate pantyhose! They rolled over my tummy when it was flatter and also the way it is now. I think it's because I maybe short-waisted? I heard that Kate Middleton is wearing them and making them fashionable again. She is tall and slender. I'll wear 'tights' in the wintertime if I happen to wear a skirt or dress.
    Bri's late mom used them for tomatoes and if I run across some, I will too.

  6. I'm more of a tights person than nylons, but I wanted to say - my grandma (who was a master green thumb and grew beautiful roses among other things) used to use old nylons to tie up plants! She swore by them for helping train plants without damaging them (the plants, not the nylons, haha). This brought back some lovely memories!

  7. I hate wearing panty hose! lol I do wear them, though, if I need to be dressed up for a wedding and such. I have used some ruined ones to tie up plants, I agree with you, they're the perfect thing to use!!

    I had to giggle when you talked about the muumuu not hiding the girls very well...just last week I bought a sun dress at WalMart and it fits perfectly except for where the girls you! lol Will have to return it because no way am I showing that much skin when going out in public! Ha!! It's too fancy to wear around the house like your muumuu. Sometimes I wish I was flat! lol xoxo


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