Sunday, September 2, 2007

Whiskey Barrel Planter Comparisons & Flower Veggie Bouquet

Freshly planted it looked pretty sparse, didn't it?
That's because the dahlia, the canna and the Elephant ears are under the soil. But once they came up, it didn't take long to fill up the barrel.
I did replace the purple fountain grass with the B.-eyed Susans and the plant that looks like coleus, but isn't (I can't remember what it is and I am too lazy to surf around to find out). I did that only because I adore PF grass and I really wanted it in my big Tropicanna container.

I think the next container is my favorite one this year. I am thrilled with the size of the 'Peaches & Cream' dahlias. I have had them for three years and this is the best they have ever bloomed. The Siberian Iris you see in the freshly-planted pic is still there. It's just buried under everything else. I will leave that right there all winter and see if it blooms again next spring.

And, last, but not least, I got a couple of g. sale treasures yesterday. I can't believe anyone would dump these little beauties! Right away I knew that veggie pitcher would be a flower vase. Here's what I put in it today. Could there be a more perfect container for a veggie/flower bouquet?

I am now off to pack up my 5-bean salad & go to a Labor Day pot luck. I have had an incredibly busy weekend so if you have sent me an email, please know that I am not ignoring you. I wlll read them all when I get home tonight.


  1. Those Peaches 'n Cream dahlias are downright majestic, no wonder you're pleased! Nice find on the garage sale goodies, and a very imaginative arrangement (hope there's no hungry bunnies in your yard while you're off at the picnic)!

  2. I love the flower arrangement, very imaginative!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  3. I love seeing your before and after shots of your containers...such a difference a few weeks make:-) I've never seen peach dahlias before, they are gorgeous!!! As you say, it always amazes me what people want to get rid of at yard the arrangement you made in the pitcher. Happy Labour Day dear Zoey, have a great time at the picnic:-) xox

  4. I would never think of putting all the stuff together that you do, but it looks wonderful when you are done.

    Hope you are having a pleasant Labor Day!

  5. These are pretty, but make me sad as I know their weeks are numbered. I was just admiring the butterflies; I can view them from where I am sitting here and thinking the same thing as above.
    Have a great dinner!

  6. The little bowl you found and the pitcher are lovely. The flowers look wonderful.

    It is amazing to see the difference in the whiskey barrel planting. That is a coleus, I think.

  7. Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments.

    Kate, that plant is Perilla (Magilla Purple). It looks like coleus,but it holds up much better in the cold nights I get.

  8. Your barrels are gorgeous! I'm going to borrow some of your planting ideas next year, 'kay?! The purple fountain grass is one of my favorites too. And I really like that Peaches & Cream dahlia. And your garage sale finds are adorable - love the veggie bouquet!

  9. those flowers are adorable and basically the holders are stunning..they are perfect..just like my Poulsbo Florist

  10. Hello,
    I love the plantings. I have a barrell I would like to plant. Could you tell me zll of the plants in your barrell? I would appreciate it allot.

  11. I have a half whiskey barrel that I'm fixing to plant with several different things and I really like yours. I live in southeast Texas and I don't really have a green thumb. I love the purple fountain grass and will definitely use it and will probably use the english ivy as well. I also want some color and will have to do some more investigating before tackling this project. The barrel is going to be on the north side of my house and will get about 4 hrs or so of late afternoon sun. So whatever I put in it will have to handle the sun. Ok, now that I've said all of that, my actual question to you is this: did you take all of the plants out of their separate containers and plant all together in the barrel? And did the plants all have to be similar in what type of watering and sun/shade they need?
    Thanks so much for sharing. I've really enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading your blog.


  12. Hi Nancy,
    I left the grass in the original container. They should have similar requirements, but if one or two like more water, then bury them with their container rims just above the soil so you can water them extra. Good luck!

  13. I'm totally inspired and going out to plant my barrel tomorrow! Lovely! Keep it up and enjoy what you have reaped!


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