Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thank You, Dianne

for sending me some of the seeds from your flowers.

Look how she cleverly made seed packets from Longwood Gardens literature! Dianne is lucky enough to live very near the gardens and goes there often.

She sent me some purple and green zinnias, some autumn-colored sunflowers and some dinner plate hibiscus.

I will try my best to give them the attention they need to grow big and beautiful. Thank you, Dianne.


  1. You are so welcome! I hope them bloom, but with your green thumb that shouldn't be a problem. I wish everyone could go to Longwood Gardens at least once. So come on down to S.E. PA!!!

  2. Di,
    My seed planting thumb is as brown as brown can be! You saw my sunflower garden this year, didn't you? LOL.

  3. Very clever idea on the seed packets - I'm already plotting how to use that idea myself!! (Thanks, Dianne!)

    My idea for retirement is to travel all over looking at gardens...Mark may be thinking of other things, but we'll see!


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