Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Well, I Have Never...

had a oriental poppy bloom in the fall!

And there are a few more buds.

It's certainly been a strange year.

It's time to begin my fall cleanup of the deck. It's been warm here all week, but the plants are looking pretty shabby and I have lost interest in keeping them presentable.

I am just tired of watering and deadheading!

I won't have time to start it until next week. It's always a big job and I will be very happy to get it done.

It's been another quick week. I haven't been doing anything but work and sew. Tomorrow I have to make a quick run to the hunky dentist to have the stitches removed.

I am taking Friday off as a vacation day. I have a hair appointment at 6:30 a.m. (yes, we do make early appointments around here!). I am just getting a quick trim and some sort of updo (hopefully better than last week's which I did not like), then by 8:00 a.m. I should be heading north (up near Canada) for the weekend. I am hoping to see a lot of nice autumn color and perhaps I will drive an extra hour or two and go back to Tahquamenon Falls. I want to see them ablaze with fall color.

I think this will be the fourth weekend in a row that I have been traveling. No wonder I can't get anything done! Oh, well, I vowed long ago that I was never going to give up having fun to stay home and do chores! The chores will be there when I get back.


  1. Poppies! Wow! The one shot looks like a duck's bill.
    Gee, you do things early up there with the appts.
    Have fun on your journey!

  2. I'm going to run right out and check my poppies!

    I'm right there with you about running out of steam to tend to the potted flowers. Watering is such a chore this time of year when you know darned well that frost is right around the corner. Have fun on your road trip!

  3. I love your poppies - how fun to have them blooming again now. Last year I had a tall bearded iris that rebloomed in the fall, so I've been checking - nothing so far!

    Have a great weekend - I love seeing all the fall colors.


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